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It is intended to be used as an aid in the diagnosis and prognosis of patients
with HIV-1 infection.
RECALL 23 Nov 2010 – Reaction Tray lots with ABBOTT PRISM HBsAg and/or ABBOTT PRISM HIV O Plus and to contact ABBOTT for an alternate lot of ABBOTT PRISM Reaction Trays.
RECALL 23 Sep 2010 – Calibration failures when PRISM-HIV-1 Group O Positive Assay Control (2) (Symbol: OPC) is out of specification high.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hugo Chavez: "Would it be strange if (the United States) had developed a technology to induce cancer, and for no one to know it?"

Chavez cited the revelation this year that the United States, between 1946 and 1948, had carried out human experiments in Guatemala where subjects were exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.

Caracas, Venezuela (CNN) -- A day after officials announced the cancer diagnosis of Argentina's president, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wondered Wednesday if the United States could be infecting the region's leaders with the illness.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Extended Interviews HIV Testing 101 from the "House of Numbers" Deluxe DVD.

"House of Numbers" special feature mini-documentaries on HIV Testing from the Deluxe Edition DVD: HIV Testing 101, False Positives: Causes and Factors, History and Evolution of HIV Testing, Reading the Fine Print: HIV Test Inserts, The Changing Criteria of Western Blot Testing, Deciphering Test Results for False Positives, Examining the "Gold Standard", Rapid Testing in High Risk vs. Low Risk Populations

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

AHF Slams Gilead HIV Prevention Pill FDA Appplication

Despite failed results from numerous clinical trials of Gilead’s HIV/AIDS drug Truvada as an HIV prevention pill (pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP), the drug company recently submitted an application to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for approval of this new use of the drug

AHF questions the lack of transparency in the FDA’s process after the government agency repeatedly denied its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for correspondence between the FDA and Gilead over Truvada
WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 16, 2011)⎯AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) today slammed drug company Gilead Sciences Inc. for submitting an application to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for a new use of its HIV treatment drug Truvada as an “HIV prevention pill” – also known as a pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP. Despite numerous failed clinical trials, the company went ahead with its application. AHF also questions the lack of transparency of the FDA’s application process after the Foundation’s repeated Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for correspondence between the FDA and Gilead over Truvada were denied.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Experimental HIV Vaccine Approved By FDA For Human Testing

The Huffington Post   
Canadian researchers received approval Tuesday from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to begin testing an experimental and potentially breakthrough HIV vaccine on human subjects with the first phase of clinical trials scheduled for January, the National Post has reported.

The vaccine could be a milestone achievement in HIV prevention because it works similarly to existing vaccines for polio and the flu: by using whole samples of dead viruses to stimulate an immune response in recipients without causing them to contract the disease. The National Post has also reported that the vaccine has gone through preliminary toxicology tests without raising safety concerns.

Nobel Prize Winner Challenges The Myths About Aids

California microbiologist Kary Mullis, Ph.D. on whether or not HIV is the probable cause of AIDS.

Created and narrated by Gary Null, Ph.D.

Gilead seeks first-ever approval for drug to prevent HIV

In a significant milestone in the battle against AIDS, Gilead Sciences (GILD) of Foster City on Thursday asked the government to make one of its drugs the world's first approved medication to help prevent the spread of HIV, the virus that can lead to the deadly disease.

Studies of the drug have shown it sharply reduces the risk of HIV infection in those who don't have the AIDS virus but who often engage in risky practices that lead to the disease. The drug, called Truvada, has been used for years as a treatment for people who already have HIV.

"The madness has been raised to a new level. Our friends at Gilead Sciences have formally filed with their friends at the FDA to allow prescription of their "anti-viral" Truvada--with its hideous "side" effects--to gay men and others who have no virus to attack:
This is the latest development in the greed-inspired Gilead's attempt to find new markets, at the expense of human health, for so-called "PRExposureProphylaxis," or PREP."
Terry Michael

Monday, December 19, 2011

Drug Users With HIV at Much Higher Overdose Risk

FRIDAY, Dec. 16 (HealthDay News) -- HIV-infected drug users are 74 percent more likely to have an overdose than those without HIV, a new evidence review finds.
Behavioral and biological factors may be among the reasons for this increased risk, according to the Rhode Island Hospital researchers. Drug overdose is a frequent cause of non-AIDS death among people with HIV.
The link between HIV infection and drug use is well documented, but the association between HIV and overdose has received less attention and was the focus of this study, which involved a review of 24 previous studies.

Evidence-based medicine: No HIV/AIDS epidemic

Posted by Henry Bauer

Evidence has long been overwhelming against the hypothesis that HIV caused and causes AIDS; see The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory  and many earlier books listed there and at, and see a number of blog posts with more recent material, for example “Doctors, nurses, dentists: Why no risk from HIV?” or “Medical students in Italy need not fear ‘HIV’ when dissecting cadavers”. Those of us who were attracted to science decades ago, believing it to be truth-seeking and evidence-based, are perpetually astonished that the evidence has been so persistently brushed aside as the mainstream bandwagon rolls on.
A recent summary of salient points has been published by Duesberg et al.: “AIDS since 1984: No evidence for a new, viral epidemic – not even in Africa”Italian Journal of Anatomy & Epidemiology  116  (# 2, 2011) 73 – 92.  Salient points made there include the discrepancies between population growth and “HIV-positive” rates, between predicted deaths and actual deaths, and between actual deaths and rates of “HIV-positive”. Furthermore, the virtually unchanging numbers of “HIV-positive” Americans (for three decades)  and of “AIDS” deaths (for well over a decade) is incompatible with an epidemic of an infectious pathogenic agent. An important section of this article cites some of the sad evidence for the toxicity of antiretroviral drugs, illustrating that the failure to provide these drugs to all Africans may have saved countless lives.
The epidemiological data are consistent with Duesberg’s long-standing view that HIV is a passenger virus similar to cytomegalovirus or adenoviruses.
As several entries on this blog have noted, the facts are also consistent with non-existence of an exogenous human immunodeficiency virus, since “HIV” tests have never been validated against an authentic sample of pure virions. Indeed, non-existence seems the plausible explanation for the decades-long failure of attempts to develop anti-HIV vaccines or preventive microbicides. As Etienne de Harven has pointed out, products stemming from circulating DNA and human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) could explain positive reactions on “HIV” tests — see “Human Endogenous Retroviruses can resolve HIV/AIDS puzzles”.

Monday, December 12, 2011

In Sweden, the Communicable Diseases Act requires people with diagnosed HIV to disclose in any situation

In Sweden, you're damned if you do (disclose) and damned if you don't

By Edwin Bernard

In Sweden, the Communicable Diseases Act requires people with diagnosed HIV to disclose in any situation where someone might be placed at risk and to also practise safer sex (which, in Sweden, means using condoms - the impact of treatment on viral load and infectiousness is not yet considered to be part of the safer sex armamentarium.)
But in Sweden you're damned if you do (disclose) and damned if you don't because Sweden is one of several countries in western Europe - including AustriaFinland,Norway, and Switzerland - where people with HIV can be (and are) prosecuted for having consensual unprotected sex even when there was prior disclosure of HIV-positive status and agreement of the risk by the HIV-negative partner. Sweden uses the general criminal law for these prosecutions of which there have been at least 40 - out of an HIV population of around 5,000.
And if you think the Swedes aren't being overly harsh, then watch the harrowing documentary, 'How Could She?' about a young woman, Lillemore, who was in such denial that she did not tell anyone that she was HIV-positive (including the doctors who delivered her two children). Even though both children were born HIV-free, and no-one was harmed by her non-disclosure, following the break-up of her marriage, her ex-husband reported her to the authorities and she was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Foster children in its care to be used as "guinea pigs" for experimental trials of highly toxic and painful drugs

New York City Kidnaps and Force-Drugs Kids

In the summer and fall of 2003, an investigative reporter working undercover at an orphanage in New York City found that the city was allowing foster children in its care to be used as "guinea pigs" for experimental trials of highly toxic and painful drugs.  WhatLiam Scheff found at Incarnation Children's Center (ICC) in Washington Heights ignited a city scandal in 2004 and into early 2005--a scandal mostly forgotten today but not yet resolved. The New York Press published his article in early 2004, and further articles followed in the London Observer/Guardian and the New York Postamong other media.  The allegations were even the subject of a BBC documentary, Guinea Pig Kids.

Condoms In Porn Measure, by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Opposed By Los Angeles Attorney's Office

LOS ANGELES -- The Los Angeles City Attorney's office has filed a lawsuit to keep the June 2012 ballot free of a measure that would require porn actors to wear condoms during film shoots.
In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, city attorneys say the AIDS Healthcare Foundation's proposed measure is unnecessary and will waste taxpayer money.
According to the lawsuit, there are already state laws mandating workplace safety which address the need for protective barriers to be used when workers are exposed to blood borne pathogens, such as HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

"... if your HIV test is positive because you have a flu vaccine are you going to be arrested because you had sex with a partner?

"... if your HIV test is positive because you have a flu vaccine are you going to be arrested because you had sex with a partner? That's the absurdity of it. But the doctors are not being informed of that and certainly the patients are not being informed of that. All they are trying to do is tell -- especially in the African American community -- is they're really pushing for testing. But the test is designed in such a way that the African American community looks as if they're five to seven times more positive than the Caucasian community. It's not possible, but they designed the test in terms of the antibodies to elicit antibodies that more common in African Americans. Are they telling people that? No." 

Dr Nancy Banks

Gary Null

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hallmark now distributing vaccine shot compliance cards targeting newborns across America

(NaturalNews) The Arizona Department of Health Services wants to remind parents to inject their newborn babies with neurologically-damaging chemical adjuvants found in vaccines, and to aid in this effort, they've teamed up withHallmark, the famous greeting card company.

Hallmark has designed and provided a special "vaccine shot tracking" card -- an "Immunization Record" -- that features the following vaccine propaganda:

Bet you're as proud
as you can be
of that new little branch
on your family tree!

One of the most important roles as a parent is to make sure your baby is immunized.

Keeping your little one healthy mean starting immunizations by two months of age.


Abbott HIVAG-1 Monoclonal (1989)
It is intended to be used as an aid in the diagnosis and prognosis of patients with HIV-1 infection.
Device not to be sold or distributed by Abbott after December 6, 1999 in the United States, but are available Internationally. No longer shipped to US customers (2003).
Plasma Donor Screening Recommendations (1995) ... specimens that are repeatedly reactive in the screening assay but which are negative or indeterminate (invalid) by the criteria set forth for neutralization by the manufacturer should be considered INDETERMINATE.
PRE-SUME /prɪˈzum/ verb, - sumed, -sum·ing. verb (used with object) 1. to take for granted, assume, or suppose: I presume you're tired after your drive.
2. Law - to assume as true in the absence of proof to the contrary. 3. to undertake with unwarrantable boldness.
4. to undertake (to do something) without right or permission: to presume to speak for another.
verb (used without object)
5. to take something for granted; suppose. 6. to act or proceed with unwarrantable or impertinent boldness.
7. to go too far in acting unwarrantably or in taking liberties (usually followed by on or upon ): Do not presume upon his tolerance.
presuppose.6. overstep.
... “the usefulness of p24 antigen as a marker of viral load is limited since the antigen is detectable in only 20% of asymptomatic patients...”
... permanent injunction involves the company’s diagnostic devices division... In order to protect the public health, FDA sought action by the Department of Justice.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Detroit Man Alleges HIV Discrimination By Lysol-Spraying Dental Clinic Coworkers

by Todd Heywood -
Local attorneys in Detroit are preparing to sue the national, privately-owned Great Expressions Dental Centers for what they say is the worst case of alleged HIV-related job discrimination they have ever handled.

And while the company denied any wrong doing, the Detroit office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) agreed with James White and his attorneys that there was reasonable cause to believe the dental company with clinics in Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Connecticut, Virginia and Massachusetts had unlawfully discriminated against White.

In a letter from the Commission, White was informed: 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gut Flora, Intestinal Mucosa, Antibiotics and AIDS

by Felix de Fries

New studies on the effects of today’s antibiotics on the intestinal mucosa – with a surface area of the size of a football pitch and where more than 70% of all immune cells are to be found – have shown that they lead to:
- Lasting changes to the composition of gut flora, a reduction in benign bacterial strains which produce compounds for accessing nutritional components, a decrease in the diversity of bacterial strains thus compromising the flexible reaction to infections and the rapid return to a steady state, increased migration of the locally established bacterial strains to other organs where they cause pathogenic effects, (A1)
Liam Scheff: A Holy Mackerel moment this morning as I received Felix de Fries’ paper on immune suppression as Caused By antibiotics – the antibiotics that caused – were THE CAUSE OF what we think of as early AIDS cases. Holy Mackerel because it’s exactly what we’re working on, because it’s what we’ve been saying, because it’s what happened…and is happening to people taking AIDS drugs. 
Have a look-see, and combine this with the rest of our papers on Recovery from immune deficiency. And remember, AIDS is real, HIV is FAKE.
Study Group AIDS Therapy c/o Felix de Fries Eglistr. 7 CH-8004 Zürich

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WORLD AIDS DAY, - on The Robert Scott Bell Show

OR World “HIV Fraud Liberation Day”?

by Liam Scheff for the Robert Scott Bell Show and Natural News

It may come as a shock to realize that if everyone in the world who was supposed to be HIV positive, suddenly no longer cared about this designation, and returned the diagnosis and red ribbon to the doctor or clinician who gave it to them, that no further infections would occur, no HIV would be spread, and the entire notion of this virus would disappear entirely. What would be left in this scenario is not a world plagued by HIV infection, but a world in which many people are ill for many reasons: Poverty, pharmaceutical poisoning, street drug abuse, toxic environmental poisoning, pure starvation, filthy parasite-ridden water and fear. A fear promulgated and propagated by the AIDS medical front.
We on the Robert Scott Bell Show are proud to present a new video documentary release from the “House of Numbers” special edition film series – “HIV Testing Exposed, Revealed and Deconstructed.”
What are HIV tests? What do they do?
They are protein tests – they look for reactions between proteins in the test kits, and proteins in your blood.
But where do the proteins come from? The answer will astound, and possibly liberate you, and anyone you know who has ever been given one of these fraudulent tests.
In the course of two hours, we hear from AIDS industry and medical experts, who in their own words reveal in no uncertain terms that HIV tests are a complete and utter fraud – a game of three-card-monty, that overlay a cult-like belief system, a myth – the myth that AIDS is a transmissible sex disease.
AIDS – acquired immune deficiency – is real enough, and easy to ‘acquire’ through many means – through drug, pharma, water, food poisoning; through prolonged intoxication with chemicals, or restriction of essential nutrients.
But while immune deficiency is quite real, HIV is entirely fake. Does this statement surprise you? Shock you? In the course of two hours, investigative journalist Liam Scheff, and host Robert Scott Bell will walk you through the experts on parade, as they tell you, in their own words, how the HIV test was constructed out of entirely normal proteins, that occur in both sick and healthy people. These proteins were supposed to come from one virus – but they come from a witch’s brew of cultured, contaminated cell lines in government laboratories, which had been growing for most of the 1970s. They were useless proteins looking for an illness to attach themselves to. Why? To keep the funding going.
The CDC was saved from destitution by the invention of the “HIV” paradigm. The World Health Organization has grown into a world policing, economic weapon of war, in light of their ability to ruin nations with make-believe “HIV” tests, (and the SARS, Bird and Swine flu tests that followed suit). Much of the ‘third world’ has been made into pharma slave states, because we have been given this profoundly effective myth: That sex is dangerous for some people, and so they must be tested.
But what are we testing them with, and what for?
You will hear Hans Gelderblom, electron microscopist, admit on camera that what became HIV tests, was from the beginning, “Eighty Percent Dirt.” You will hear Ph.D. researchers describe the invention (by fiat, and consensus agreement) of “HIV proteins,” out of normally-occuring cellular proteins. And you will hear the high priests of “HIV,” Robert Gallo, Luc Montagnier and their peers, describe HIV tests as entirely flawed Rube Goldberg devices – one leading to another, leading to another, all in an attempt to create an overwhelming conclusion that a dozen useless tests must be more meaningful than just one.
When they know the truth: A dozen times a fraud is an even more profound fraud – and this fraud is now being perpetrated against Africans, Indians, Chinese, Eastern and Western Europeans, South and North Americans, and citizens worldwide, with entirely disgraced ‘rapid tests,’ now used in vans and at folding tables in parking lots, to grab the poorly-educated and hurl them into the pharmaceutical maw.
On World AIDS Day, we at the Robert Scott Bell show declare a worldwide moratorium on HIV testing — you can now download this show, and the House of Numbers exclusive HIV testing video, walk it into your clinician, your doctor, your school, workplace, your CEO or C.O.’s office; bring it to social studies, science and math classes, discourse and debate clubs; post them on your webpage and blogs, burn them onto CDs and MP3 players, and spread the word.
Turn in your HIV test result. Return it to the manufacturer. After all, they’ll tell you in the fine print that it is a ‘diagnosis’ with no value at all. And begin to reclaim your life, sanity, and your sexual identity – it is not the government’s right or responsibility to decide for you how you shall choose a partner, nor how you shall be drugged.
Take this information, and spread the well-described and understood reality of HIV testing: It is an absolute, irredeemable  fraud. And if you are ill, and have any kind of immune deficiency, your challenge is to slowly but concretely educate yourself about the illnesses that plague us in our modern world. Illnesses of toxic exposure, from denatured and chemically altered food, polluted water and air, and chronic exposure to gut-rending pharmaceuticals.
We on the Robert Scott Bell show will continue to talk about how to recover from immune deficiency. It is a challenge for all of us. What we need to do for the innocent victims of the HIV test fraud, is to NULLIFY that false label, and let them have the mental space and sanity to pursue health without being chased by the pharma nightmare that is daily inflicted upon so-called “AIDS patients.”
This is going to be a two hours like no other we’ve done. We will plumb the depths of the HIV testing fraud, and let the mainstream, in their own words, describe it to you, and release you from it.
Join us today at 12pm EST, and then downloadable for your MP3 player, on for World HIV Fraud Day.
And spread the word, by sharing the broadcast and the “House of Numbers” documentary with everyone you know, at every level of professional life in your town, village or burg, wherever you live in the world.
Join us to listen, and later click on the Robert Scott Bell archives link for the show download.
And remember – the power to heal truly is yours. And the power to turn in your HIV diagnosis, belongs to you, today.

Progressive Commentary Hour-on Progressive Radio Network - World AIDS DAY interview show

Guests: Celia Farber, Professor Henry Bauer, David Crowe 

Celia Farber is a journalist who covered the HIV wars extensively since 1987, in various magazines. Some of these writings are collected in her book: "Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS" published by Melville House Press, (now Random House) in 2006. 
Activist Michael Callen called Farber "..the best AIDS journalist in the world."  She also has enemies, of course. Her 2006 article for Harper's magazine detailing the totalitarian corruption of HIV/AIDS research was titled "Out of Control: AIDS And The Corruption of Medical Science." The attacks from the AIDS industry were predictable and fierce. Still, she won the 2008 Semmelweis Clean Hands Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism.
Prof. Henry Bauer is professor emeritus of chemistry and science studies and a former dean at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.  After his retirement he served as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Scientific Exploration for seven years. He is author of the book The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory , which was among the first books to gather together two decades of research on HIV and AIDS and to identify the scientific contradictions.
David Crowe is the President of the Reappraising AIDS Society and a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists. He hosts the  website, which is science and news resource on all international research and commentary challenging the current HIV/AIDS model.  David is also the former president and treasurer for the Green Party in Alberta Canada.
Download this episode (right click and save)

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Question of HIV's pathogenesis an interview with Marco Ruggiero MD, PhD Full Professor of Molecular Biology Clinical Radiologist University of Firenze, Italy

An interview with Marco Ruggiero  MD, PhD  Full Professor of Molecular Biology Clinical Radiologist  University of Firenze, Italy by the

Q: In April of 1984, (I don't know how old you were then) when Dr. Robert Gallo stood before the world at the famous NCI press conference and said his lab had isolated a pathogenic retrovirus that was the "probable" (Heckler) cause of AIDS, what did you think then? *

Sunday, November 27, 2011

HIV, The Happy Exosome

“HIV” – A Case of Mistaken Identity, Political Profiteering, and Pharmaceutical Murder
by Liam Scheff

What is AIDS

The AIDS mainstream butters its significant pile of bread with the notion that there is in existence a single particle, which they call “HIV,” which is known to do one thing, and that is to “kill T-Cells.” But behind the public pronouncements of HIV-AIDS-sex-panic-mania, the details in the published research paint a different, and frankly more interesting picture.
The mainstream will tell you that AIDS is caused by HIV, and HIV is the cause of AIDS; and you’re left with a tautology – a circular definition that doesn’t define either term.
In real-world use, AIDS is “immune deficiency,” and it’s real enough, but is has no one cause. AIDS is a brand name for fatal poverty in the ‘third’ world, and for major drug abuse, and the attending illnesses, in the West.
HIV, too, is a kind of brand name. This time, for a group of laboratory artifacts and events; a collection of proteins drawn from experiments with leukemia cells, that were mixed with tissue that came from gay men who were sick.


A person who has antibodies to HIV-1 is presumed to be infected with the virus... Clinical correlation is indicated... to decide whether a diagnosis of HIV infection is accurate.
RECALL 23 Nov 2010 – Reaction Tray lots with ABBOTT PRISM HBsAg and/or ABBOTT PRISM HIV O Plus and to contact ABBOTT for an alternate lot of ABBOTT PRISM Reaction Trays.
RECALL 23 Sep 2010 – Calibration failures when PRISM-HIV-1 Group O Positive Assay Control (2) (Symbol: OPC) is out of specification high.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Proof that HIV Causes AIDS?

I'm debating the HIV hypothesis with some colleagues and need to answer to the charge that HIV is present in 100% of AIDS cases, and because it's found in every case of AIDS, this proves HIV is the cause. Is this true? How would you respond to this argument?



Dear Farrell,

With regard to the charge that HIV is present in 100% of AIDS cases and that this proves HIV causes AIDS, here are five points that challenge this idea followed by some detailed information on each point that may help you keep up your end of the debate. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Human Endogenous Retroviruses and AIDS Research: Confusion, Consensus, or Science?

- Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume 15 Number 3 Fall 2010

Human Endogenous Retroviruses (HERVs) are confounding factors in HIV/AIDS research that cannot be ignored. Evidence suggests that “viral load” may actually be measuring retroviral nucleoside sequences associated with HERVs. HERVs also provide a valid explanation for the presence of retroviruses recognizable by electron microscopy (EM) in the original 1983 publication from the Institut Pasteur, and may account for claims of innumerable “mutations” of the putative HIV pathogen. The interference of HERVs in AIDS research brings into question the subject of study in so-called “AIDS Research,” and the very existence of an exogenous HIV pathogen itself.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


starting a series of posting on ALL the FDA-APPROVED HIV TESTS

1. Abbott HIVABTM HIV-1/HIV-2 (rDNA) EIA

A person who has antibodies to HIV-1 is presumed to be infected with the virus (link to the actual label)... Clinical correlation is indicated with appropriate counseling, medical evaluation and possibly additional testing to decide whether a diagnosis of HIV infection is accurate... AIDS and AIDS-related conditions are clinical syndromes and their diagnosis can only be established clinically... EIA testing cannot be used to diagnose AIDS...”

RECALL 23 Nov 2010 – Reaction Tray lots with ABBOTT PRISM HBsAg and/or ABBOTT PRISM HIV O Plus and to contact ABBOTT for an alternate lot of ABBOTT PRISM Reaction Trays.

RECALL 23 Sep 2010 – Calibration failures when PRISM-HIV-1 Group O Positive Assay Control (2) (Symbol: OPC) is out of specification high.

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