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D.C. hopes to test 35,000 employees for HIV over 3 months

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The District’s departments of Health and Human Resources, along with union leaders, kicked off a campaign Wednesday with the goal of testing 35,000 city employees over the next three months. During that period, city employees who decide to get tested will first receive instructions on how to prevent infection. READ the whole article:

What they don't tell people is:

What you can expect

By Mayo Clinic staff
HIV is usually diagnosed by testing your blood or a sample of cells taken with a cotton swab from inside your cheek for the presence of antibodies to the virus. Urine samples can also be tested for HIV antibodies, but the results are slightly less accurate.
Unfortunately, these HIV tests aren't accurate immediately after infection because it takes time for your body to produce antibodies to the virus. Most people develop antibodies to the HIV virus within three to six months of infection.
If this test is positive — meaning you have antibodies to HIV — lab technicians run the same test again on the sample you provided. If the repeat test is also positive for HIV antibodies, you need a confirming blood test called the Western blot test, which checks for the presence of HIV proteins.

Monday, June 18, 2012

YAY, Walgreens out to Sell more AIDS Drugs!!!

Walgreens and Greater Than AIDS Team Up With Health Departments and Local AIDS Service Organizations to Provide Free HIV Testing in Support of National HIV Testing Day

HIV Testing Events at Select Walgreens Locations in 20 Cities Between June 27-29, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Daily

UnitedHealth's Misleading Promises--It's What The Company Didn't Say That's Most Important


Several years ago, when I was still a health insurance company PR guy, I was accused by a furious CNBC producer of withholding important information when I cajoled her into having my CEO on "Squawk Box" to talk about some new initiative we were rolling out.  
"You played us like a Stradivarius!" she screamed at me when she realized that while my CEO was fielding softball questions from her show's host, our chief financial officer was signing off on a disclosure the company was obligated by the SEC to make by the close of business. Because the news we had to announce was so bad it would have a "material effect on earnings" (translation: cost shareholders a bundle), the big bosses ordered us to wait until after the New York Stock Exchange closed at 4:00pm -- and many hours after the Squawk Box interview -- to release it. They wanted to postpone the trauma it would cause the company.
Sure enough, when the markets opened the next morning, the company's stock price began a long slide. The CEO was quoted in the bad-news news release about how the company was taking steps to make sure nothing like that would ever happen again, a statement written for him by the company's lawyers and PR people, but he was nowhere near a TV camera. Every time he was asked for an interview, we "declined" to make him available. We were not about to make him answer what we referred to as "rude" questions from a reporter. 
That episode came to mind as I read story after story in the mainstream media last week about the decision by UnitedHealth Group to "honor" some of the provisions of ObamaCare even if the Supreme Court declares the law unconstitutional.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The House that HIV Testing Built

there is an orphanage in Washington Heights, one of the poorest neighborhoods on Manhattan, located just above Harlem. A Catholic orphanage. It took in the children of crack addicts who’d been abandoned at the hospital. The nuns nursed some of them back to health, but some of them died. Because that’s what being born addicted to crack does to you.  It kills you.
Liam Scheff
If you want to know why cheap cocaine was flooding the United States, I suppose you can call Barry Seal, who’s dead, or Oliver North, who isn’t and ask them about the CIA bringing drugs into the cities. Or, you can ask Gary Webb, who is also dead, for doing the reporting on it.
This Catholic orphanage was doing a good thing. Then the NIH got a hold of it. They decided that this population of cracked-out orphans, born nearly dead, was a wonderful, untapped resource for testing AIDS drugs on, to see if they could get them approved for children. And in the early 90s, stretching to the mid-2000s, that’s what they did.
The kids were getting daily doses of drugs with the FDA’s “black box” label, which means they had killed adults at normal doses. They were getting them five, six, seven, eight and nine at a time. “Some at higher than usual doses,” went the study description.
There were three dozen drug trials in the government database listing the orphanage as a study site. The studies were sponsored by your tax money given to the NIH, coupled with direct funding from drug companies: Glaxo, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Genentech, Merck and others.
The hospitals used the orphanage to get test subjects, arranged by the doctors who were put in charge. These “doctors,” Dr. Steven Nicholas and then Dr. Catherine Painter, posed as friends to these children and forcibly drugged them. The staff of child-care workers, consisting of neighborhood Dominican women, were made to carry out the drug regimen day and night.
Once on the drugs, severe illness was normal. Children had violent diarrhea and threw up as a regular feature of being drugged around the clock. It was noticeable that many children were stunted, physically and developmentally. Many developed large fatty lumps and humps on their bodies. These come from the protease inhibiting drugs and had to be removed with plastic surgeries.
After starting the drugs, children got sick, fast. Many died. A 6-year-old girl who’d never been sick was brought in for drug compliance. That is, she wasn’t taking the drugs at home and the city social workers had a problem with that, so she was put in the orphanage. On the drugs for a few months, she had a stroke, went blind and then died. This kind of violent drug death happened to a lot of the children, quickly and slowly. That’s what “black box” means, in actuality. I knew some of these children personally. I know a lot more through my sources.
Like the girl, not all of the children were orphans. Many had been adopted or lived with family. They were put into the orphanage by the city of New York if parents refused to drug them at home. They were brought in for “compliance,” or “adherence.” That’s how I got the story, because a mother didn’t want to drug her kids and the city took them away from her.
Children are not stupid. They recognized what was happening and often refused to take the pills, but they weren’t allowed to. If they refused, the nurses and childcare workers force-fed the ground-up drugs through a nasal tube (it went up the nose, down into the stomach). If they continued to refuse, they had a hole cut in their abdomen, where a plastic tube was inserted and the drugs were pumped directly into the stomach, along with infant formula to give them “nutrition.” Yes, that’s what I said. They had their stomachs cut open. You can look up the surgery online. “PEG tube.”
All of this was verified by multiple sources, including the doctor who ran the place. I was talking with a half-dozen insiders at one point (nurses, child-care workers and volunteers), plus four or five children and young adult ex-residents. I had an audio interview with Dr. Painter where she described exactly how and why the children would get their stomachs cut open.
I had it on tape, on record, admitted by the perpetrators and victims alike. But the orphanage kept drugging the kids. I published articles in several magazines and newspapers and appeared on New York and national radio. (Leroy Baylor at WHCR in Harlem championed the story and even had one of the mothers, “Mona,” on air).
I even got a movie made from it, directed by Milena Schwager, who did a very good job. It was released through the BBC, which mortified the AIDS drug pushers; so much so that they demanded the company retract or apologize for the film. Eventually the BBC put up a note that there had been some objection to one of the interviewees, but they left the story up. 

The movie was good, but the producer was unwilling to tackle the fraud of HIV testing, so it lost a great deal of evidence. But it helped open eyes, for which I’m grateful. The combined effect of articles, radio appearances and film brought citizens and activists out in protest in the streets outside of the ICC. The powers-that-be in the city had to take action to quiet the rage.
I think someone placed a call to their go-to at the New York Times. Because when the issue was spilling into the streets and into dinnertime conversation, the Times showed up, a year-and-a-half into the public investigation and painted a big “Do Not Look Here ‘X’” on it for its pharma-advertisers and pseudo-liberal readers.
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Read the rest in Chapter 6 of “Official Stories,” available worldwide in the UK and Europe on Amazon (Kindle late July, 2012).

"The Other Side of AIDS" - an HIV and AIDS documentary Films

Take an unflinching look into an issue the mainstream media doesn’t dare touch: the failure of the multi billion-dollar war on AIDS. The Other Side of AIDS gives voice to a growing movement of doctors, scientists, journalists, and HIV positives who reveal a tangled web of conflicts of interest, political correctness and unresolved errors surrounding AIDS.
After 30 years and more than $150 billion in federally funded research, scientists still can’t explain how HIV causes AIDS. Millions of people have been declared HIV-positive with tests that can’t find the actual virus. The latest AIDS medications are taking more lives than AIDS itself. One expert proposes that the cause and cure for AIDS is as near at hand as our willingness to examine new ideas. Yet according to a prominent AIDS researcher, anyone questioning HIV is a perpetrator of death and should be jailed. Should AIDS advocates have the power to silence scientific debate? Has saving face become more important than saving lives? Watch The Other Side of AIDS and decide for yourself.

"Official Stories" New Book out by Liam Scheff

"Few explanatory journalists think or write like Liam Scheff.  That’s too bad.  The Progressive Era’s crusade to replace a partisan press with theoretically truth-vetted journalism was noble, but mis-guided. Progressives replaced tainted partisanship with faith-based reliance on oxymoronic social science “expertise” and with rule books interpreted by unaccountable bureaucrats–culprits who tell those Official Stories. Their tales are often convenient lies to mask ignorance, fear and greed, to cover the asses of officials who tell them. But these official versions are used also by “objective” journalists to cover their own rear ends, to get stories past editors by quoting authorities instead of doing their own research. Liam Scheff debunks official lies about things like “HIV” and “AIDS” with simple, research-informed language, proving you don’t need advanced degree or keys to temples jealously guarded by the new Science and Medicine gods, who have replaced priests and princes as enforcers of Truth.  Scheff writes with revealing and entertaining satire.  His is a work I’ll recommend to the future political reporters I try to teach about the increased politicizing – and corruption – of science and medicine." - Terry Michael, Director, Washington Center for Politics & Journalism

  • Buy Official Stories Online (ships worldwide)
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    Breast milk can block HIV oral transmission

     Breast milk has a strong virus killing effect and can protect against oral transmission of HIV, a new study has found.

    More than 15 percent of new HIV infections occur in children. Without treatment, only 65 percent of HIV-infected children will live until their first birthday, and fewer than half will make it to the age of two.

    Although breastfeeding is attributed to a significant number of these infections, most breastfed infants are not infected with HIV, despite prolonged and repeated exposure.

    The question of whether breast milk transmits the virus or protect against it has been a mystery for HIV researchers.

    Now new research from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine explores this paradox in a humanized mouse model, demonstrating that breast milk has a strong virus killing effect and protects against oral transmission of HIV.

    Thursday, June 14, 2012

    A 'positive' test result only indicates the presence of normal human stress-protein

    Reminder. A 'positive' test result only indicates the presence of normal human stress-proteins. There may be a lot of them, in order to reach the cutoff point and be declared 'positive', but that is not an immunity problem.

    Quote from the book "AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire. The Deadly virus of International Greed" by Dr. Nancy Banks.

    1984: Bob Gallo announces his creation of an HIV antibody test. Due to their short life span, the T-cells of the AIDS patients were not suitable for mass production of similar natured antigens, and an actual retrovirus could not be isolated, so immortal human leukemia cells were co-cultivated and co-stimulated with the cell culture. Gallo claimed that the allegedly isolated retrovirus had passed into the leukemia cells; the end result was that these normal human stress-proteins could be mass-produced and sold as test-kit antigens. This deceptive procedure was patented by Bob Gallo.(Gilles St-Pierre)

    Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    "Why We Will Never Win The War On AIDS", book banned

    Federal Court Declares AIDS Book Illegal

    On December 29, 1995
    In a far-reaching decision that could throw the publishing industry into turmoil, the Federal court of the Southern District of New York has officially banned a controversial AIDS book titled "Why We Will Never Win the War on AIDS" from being distributed - even for free - anywhere in the United States.

    The verdict against the book, rendered on November 28, ended a contentious five-day trial in which publisher Alfred S. Regnery was suing to stop publication of the book. Judge John E. Sprizzo is expected to enter the official judgment any day now, including a permanent injunction against the book and over half a million dollars in penalties against the book's publisher and main author, Bryan J. Ellison. 

    Friday, June 8, 2012

    High school students, staff tested for HIV, FEAR

    Am i the only that finds that article funny (beside full of FEAR)?
    it's a VIRUS, HIV is very fragile and does not survive outside the human body

    WINNIPEG — BY THE CANADIAN PRESS Dozens of students and staff at a First Nations high school are being tested for HIV and hepatitis after undergoing a faulty diabetes screening.
    A University of Manitoba professor talked to students at Southeast Collegiate on May 4 about diabetes and used a glucometer to test blood-sugar levels on about 80 people.
    A university spokesman said the professor changed the needle used on each person, but failed to realize that the part that holds the needle is not supposed to be used on more than one person.
    “The lancet, the needle-like poker which punctures the skin, was in fact changed after every use, and the skin was cleaned with alcohol,” John Danakas said Thursday.

    Wednesday, June 6, 2012

    HIV death sentence at 19 - a new film

    Oppression Unlimited

    A routine HIV test given to Cornelius complicates his relationship with his lover and with the AIDS establishment.

                                HELP FUND THIS FILM

    Tuesday, June 5, 2012

    How to Break the Paradigm -- HIV and AIDS

    June 21-22, 2012
    Vers Pont du Gard, South of France : more information or
    A conference on changing the prevailing HIV/AIDS paradigm

    The HIV puzzle -- what is being measured? * Biomarker Measurements-- Useful or Deceptive? • Historical resistance against scientism • What we are up against--the nature of paradigm change • The money spent on AIDS, an analysis • Dissident scientists under attack * Impunity of mainstream scientists • How should we communicate our message? • Internet tools • How to treat a weakened immune system

    “Must we wait for a new generation to see a failed paradigm revised? No!”
    Special Highlight -- Positively False-- Birth of a Heresy -- a new film by Joan Shenton -- discussion afterwards with Joan and Andi Reiss

    Sunday, June 3, 2012

    HIV NO MEDS - A clinical study

    Texas A&M University: Professor Patricia Goodson is leading a study of HIV-positive people who have never started AIDS drugs or who have stopped them, yet have survived for a decade or longer without developing AIDS. The website includes a link to a YouTube video describing this work and the email address of the professor if you wish to participate through an interview. All participation will be confidential.

    Decisions to stop (or never start) drug treatments for HIV infection: A pilot study of long-term nonprogressors (LTNPs)

    "Anomalies". That is how mainstream science and health care view persons who have tested positive for HIV infection, have refused to submit to mainstream treatments, yet have survived for a decade or longer without developing AIDS.
    If LTNPs - also known as long-term survivors, long-term healthy seropositives, elite controllers, or elite suppressors - have captured the attention of geneticists, virologists and immunologists, they have, nonetheless, gone unnoticed by clinicians, policy makers, and health educators. Nonprogressors remain, for all practical purposes, "anomalies"; mysterious cases for which science cannot easily account.
    Specifically, very little is known about the lived experiences of HIV+ persons who refuse mainstream anti-retroviral therapies and remain AIDS-free for many years. Some of the questions we don't have good answers for, include:

    Friday, June 1, 2012

    Soldier acquitted in AIDS assault case after HIV tests shown to be completely bogus

    An Army sergeant who was falsely accused of being HIV positive, and who spent 240 days in pretrial custody as a result, has officially been acquitted of the charges levied against him. Thanks to the efforts of the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ), a private investigative agency that focuses on medical and scientific fraud, Sgt. "TD," who was arrested in 2011 for HIV-related criminal charges, has been vindicated of his HIV-positive status, which has also caused the legitimacy of HIV tests to once again be called into question.

    A former girlfriend of Sgt. TD, as well as three other women, reportedly pressed charges against the man after several ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), Western Blot, and viral load tests revealed that he was allegedly HIV-positive. Based on these tests and on affirmations by both a doctor's diagnosis and a soldier's signed confession, each of the women claimed that Sgt. TD exposed them to HIV without disclosing that he was infected, which is said to constitute aggravated assault.

    Initially, it appeared as though Sgt. TD had no defense, and would have to potentially serve 37 years in federal prison for his alleged crime. But after Sgt. TD's attorneys asked OMSJ for help on the case, to which the group agreed, it was eventually shown that each of the HIV tests conducted, including Western Blot, the so-called "gold standard" of HIV tests, could not be relied upon for absolute accuracy in light of the numerous outside factors that may have tainted their results.