Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bill Gates Condom Challenge: Foundation Will Pay You To Reinvent The Rubber

Though condoms come in different textures, sizes and even tastes, these options aren't enticing enough to get people to actually use them in many parts of the world.
And the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation wants to change that. The nonprofit, which tackles global health issues, is seeking submissions for the "Next Generation Condom" challenge. The initiative asks for innovative designs that create a sexual experience that feels even better than not using a condom. The new design must also protect from the spread of HIV and disease, of course.

We're spending billions to develop an HIV vaccine. Why not also focus on building a better condom?

"What if we could develop a condom that would provide all the benefit of our current versions, without the drawbacks? Even better, what if we could develop one that was preferred to no condom?" The Gates Foundation's blog reads.

Swiss court jails 'healer' for infecting patients with HIV

A self-styled healer was sentenced to 12 years and nine months in jail on Friday after a Swiss court found the acupuncturist guilty of infecting 16 people with HIV.

The concern over AIDS-infected needles is common in many urban legends

A Berne court found the man guilty of causing bodily harm and spreading the virus which can cause Aids, court secretary Rene Graf told Reuters. He did not give any further details.

If you have been charged with an HIV-related crime or civil action – or you represent someone in such action, CONTACT OMSJ IMMEDIATELY.

Prosecutors had sought a sentence of 15 years in jail, according to media reports.

Monday, March 18, 2013

A doctor has challenged reports of a baby in Mississippi being “cured” of HIV

Huffington Post UK/ PA  |  By 

HIV Baby 'Cured'? Mississippi Child Was Exposed But May Not Have Been Infected With The Virus, Warns Dr Mark Siedner
The original news described the case of a child born with the virus that causes Aids, who is now two-and-a-half, and has been off medication for about a year, with no signs of infection.

First Approved In-Home HIV Test: OraSure's - Expectations have been falling as the newly launched product just didn't take off as quickly as hoped

First Approved In-Home HIV Test: OraSure's Fall From Grace Offers Opportunity

By Jake King
As investors packed up in search of more exciting prospects, shares of OraSure Technologies (OSUR) have been slashed in half since their highs in mid-2012, in fact, setting a new 52-week low this month. OraSure received approval for the first in-home HIV diagnostic last June (called OraQuick In-Home HIV), a product that Magic Johnson called a game-changer

Top 50 Blogs About HIV and AIDS

by Samantha Reno
Are you uncertain about when an AIDS patient may require hospice care? Do male AIDS patients need different care than female AIDS patients? This list of top 50 Blogs about HIV And AIDS may help answer those questions for patients, families, nurses and other caregivers.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Robert Gallo's study 2 months before his "cause of AIDS" press conference

HIV was a commercial fraud committed in 1984?

This is Gallo's study in February of 1984 about finding p24 in cancer patients. In their own words they were about to commercialise the p24 antigen test as a measure of how big a tumour was. But any detection of retroviruses in tumours is irrelevant as they are full of retroviruses anyway as was found out later in research from this century. "Circulating immune complexes from two patients with human T-cell leukaemia/ lymphoma virus (HTLV)-related lymphoma were shown to contain the major internal antigen of the virus, p24. The amount of complex-bound p24 in sequential serum samples correlated roughly with tumour cell mass. Small amounts of complex-bound p24 were detected in samples before a relapse became clinically manifest. Measurement of complex-bound p24 in patients with HTLV-associated lymphomas and leukaemias might thus be helpful in management of malignancies and offer the possibility of detecting imminent relapse and preventing it by intensification of treatment." DEMONSTRATION OF VIRAL ANTIGEN p24 IN CIRCULATING IMMUNE COMPLEXES OF TWO PATIENTS WITH HUMAN T-CELL LEUKAEMIA/LYMPHOMA VIRUS (HTLV) POSITIVE LYMPHOMA ...Feb 1984
So within 2 months you have to ask how did a p24 antigen to detect tumour size suddenly become a deadly sex virus in gays and this was all claimed as the cause of AIDS at a press conference without any reference to other researchers.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Study: HIV linked to greater risk of heart attacks

by  PINK

A study in the US has found people living with HIV are nearly 50% more likely to have a heart attack.
Researchers aren’t sure what explains the higher heart attack rate for those who are HIV positive, but they speculate it’s a combination of the effects of HIV infection and the antiretroviral drugs used to treat it.
“It’s a complicated picture,” said Matthew Freiberg, who led the study at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Pennsylvania. “We’re still trying to understand the mechanisms.”

Black gay men run higher risk of HIV infection despite fewer partners

by Terry Michael
From the same 20th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (Atlanta, March 2013) that gave us the "HIV" baby "cure," we get another attempt to explain-away the exponential difference of "HIV positive" rates between African Americans and Caucasians (7x for black males, 20x for back females, according to the CDC.)

If it's a sexually and intravenously transmitted pathogen, there's a word for those 7x and 20x claims, including the "HIV heterosexual pandemic" in Africa, and it's racism.  South Africa's former President Thabo Mbeki recognized the hallucinations of white medicine men about the sexual practices of dark-skinned people. Latter-day "bearers of the white man's burden" exported to deepest, darkest Africa both the "origin of HIV" (transferred to gay white males in Greenwich Village via black-skinned people in Haiti, of course) and the "HIV epidemic" that never occurred in the white heterosexual West.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

ABC News very skeptical of the purported "cure" of "HIV positive" infant 
Experts Question So-Called HIV 'Cure'
I have copied the text below so I could highlight, in BLUE, some of it, containing the most skeptical phrases and paragraphs.  This piece stood out to me, because it asked a lot of the right questions, particularly about whether the physician had anything resembling "informed consent" to administer the toxic chemo  to a one-day-old child, including high doses of three drugs, with AZT and a "double dose" of nevirapine. The physician practically admits she did not have informed consent.

The questions finally being raised in the aftermath of all the media hype demonstrate the dangers of science-by-press-release.  No peer-reviewed paper was published, and I am not sure one is even being prepared. So a laundry list of questions remains about the methodology, as well as the facts.

Here's my highlighted version of the ABC article:

HIV baby Rico goes home in Minnesota, but fight goes on

Battle between his parents and Mower County over custody and supervision of care is far from over.
After spending the past seven weeks in a hospital crib connected to a feeding tube and powerful drugs to treat his HIV infection, 3-month-old Rico Martinez Nagel finally went home Friday.

But the legal battle between his parents and a southern Minnesota county over custody of the boy and supervision of his medical care is far from over.

Yahoo ANSWERS ask: HIV DENIAL - Thoughts on "House of numbers"?

Open Question

Post your comment here on the blog or at Yahoo Answers
Has anyone seen the film House of Numbers? Basically it's a bunch of HIV/AIDS denialists. They are all really smart people, and I respect their views, but I think it's all plain silly! A few things they speak of:
There is no test that detects HIV
The virus is harmless and could be cured naturally.
The virus is not sexually transmitted
HIV testing cannot detect HIV itself
AIDS is a hoax

There are a lot more, and these people seem educated but they things they speak of makes them sound like they are in denial. I know that there is many conspiracies regarding the origins of HIV, but these are just one step too far? I think I have a better time believing HIV was man made then what these people have to say. What are your thoughts???

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dr. Anthony Fauci in his own words "Even before it was proven to be HIV, everybody knew who was in the field that it had to be a virus."

TWiV 219: Fauci pharmacy
Hosts: Vincent RacanielloRich Condit, and Anthony S. Fauci
Anthony Fauci, MD
Vincent and Rich meet up with Anthony S. Fauci, MD, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
Click arrow to play
Download TWiV 219 (46 MB .mp3, 64 min) (free): iTunes
Throughout this series of audio hallucinations, you will not believe your ears.  I have excerpted from it, with time cues and some commentary here: 

Three of my favorite quotes:

"Even before it was proven to be HIV, everybody knew who was in the field that it had to be a virus."

"We tried years ago of artificially activating the immune system in vivo, getting the virus to spit out while you’re giving them antiretrovirals thinking that you would prevent the other cells from getting infected from the virus that was released by your antiviral therapy and the cell that was spitting out the virus would die. Unfortunately, the cells that was [sic] spitting out the virus didn’t die. They just spit out the virus and we prevented other cells from getting infectedSo it didn’t work but there are more clever, sophisticated ways of doing that. That’s called eradication cure.'"

"..we focused a lot on the developing world, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. We went there. We set up networks of trials, collaborations. And then when you get them, you realized, “Oh, my goodness, AIDS is devastating,” but malaria is really bad, as is TB, as is neglected tropical diseases. So in some uncanny way, AIDS has put the spotlight on global diseases of high significance that we did not appreciate before because it was them not us. Now that we’re living in a global society, it’s everything that we’re aware of. "

Minnesota Family Fights For Custody Of HIV-Positive Infant

BROWNSDALE, Minn. (WCCO) – A family’s fight to get their baby back has the attention of the medical community and the court system in Mower County.
Three-month-old Rico Martinez Nagel has HIV. Court documents say Mower County got involved after his parents missed a medical appointment. But to better understand this story, you need to read what happened more than 20 years ago.
Lindsey Nagel Baby, Rico removed and forced on drugs 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Berlin Patient" Brown evidence of HIV “persistence” in body. So, is Brown cured…or not? That depends in part on your definition of “cure.”

by San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Readers familiar with the story of Timothy Brown—hailed as the first person cured of HIV—may be puzzled by all the talk around confusing reports that HIV traces were detected in his body. What does this mean for the man formerly known as the “Berlin Patient”—and for the prospect of an HIV cure?
Since his second bone marrow transplant procedure in 2008, Brown has been off antiretroviral drugs and had no detectable HIV—until now. At last week’s International Workshop on HIV & Hepatitis Virus Drug Resistance and Curative Strategies in Sitges, Spain, Dr. Steve Yukl from the University of California at San Francisco reported evidence of HIV “persistence” in Brown’s body.
To help make sense of these findings, here are the facts from the study and some possible interpretations for what they mean—and what they don’tmean.
This article sorts through the history, the current talk, and the science.

The Berlin Patient Makes History

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office: Man with HIV did not tell sex partners
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Jacksonville man is behind bars after allegedly infecting his sexual partners with the HIV/AIDS virus.
This man could be defended successfully, as 49-plus others have been over the past two and a half years. The Office of Medical and Scientific Justice's "HIV Innocence Group" provides expert witnesses to defense teams -- and how it wins might surprise you. Here's OMSJ's latest victory, also in Florida: For more information on how OMSJ does it, check out the HIV Innocence Group's page at . Who knows, someone you know could be targeted next. written by EE.
According to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office police report, Taveres Newsome, 35, was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 2008. Officers said Newsome did not tell women he was having sex with about his diagnosis.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Claimed HIV baby ‘cure’ has not been confirmed, published, or even peer reviewed

“The [New York] Times report states: ‘doctors announced…that a baby had been cured of an HIV infection for the first time….’ – but the report notes that the claimed ‘cure’ has not been confirmed, published, or even peer reviewed… Unless independently verifiable documented evidence is presented for confirmation, this story appears to be propaganda.”
SPIEGEL Online behauptet “Forscher heilen Baby von HIV-Infektion” – und betreibt damit letztlich nur wieder haltlose Pharma-Propaganda
 05. März 2013, von T. Engelbrecht

Anti-AIDS pill, vaginal gel unsuitable for Africa: study

By Jon Herskovitz | Reuters

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Trying to prevent HIV infection through vaginal gels or daily tablets has proven ineffective in the southern African region ravaged by the disease because people did not use the medicines properly, a study released on Monday said.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Baby born with HIV is apparently cured with aggressive drug treatment byDavid Brown at the Washington Post.

To: Dr. David Brown, The Washington Post, re: your story today:
Baby born with HIV is apparently cured with aggressive drug treatment

Some questions you may not have thought to ask:

(1)  What was the race of the mother, treated so aggressively by Caucasian physician Dr. Hannah Gay of Mississippi? 

(2) And speaking of race, how can it be that African American women are 20x more likely than Caucasian women, according to the CDC, be "infected" by a purportedly sexually transmitted pathogen? Do they have 20 times as much sex?

(3) What was the informed consent obtained from the mother, for "treatment" of a day-old infant with therapeutic doses of chemotherapy cocktails that have well-assessed, highly toxic adverse effects?

(4) Does it not seem a little odd to you that with 50,000 alleged new "HIV infections" every year in the U.S. fewer than 200 are from mother-to-child transmission, given the claim that this is a blood-borne pathogen?

(5) What is the evidence that 300,000 babies around the world are "infected" with HIV every year from mother-to-child transmission? Fauci uses "one thousand per day." What nice round numbers.  

(6) What were the presenting illnesses--at 30 hours old--of this baby, who was "cured?"  How do you "cure" someone of a retrovirus you don't even know a host has at the time you start administering toxic drugs--which you seem to acknowledge in your story, when you note there's no way to know whether a new-born infant is carrying an active viral pathogen or just its mother's anti-bodies?

This is incredible, even for The HIV-AIDS Industry.  It is just another attempt to line the pockets of drug companies, like Tony Fauci's friends at Gilead Sciences, selling the toxic chemotherapy, sales of which were about $20 billion in 2012, up 250% from just five years before.  And these thousand-dollar-per-month drugs are funded almost entirely by taxpayers.

This "cure" means child-and-family service agencies around the country, already threatening mothers with taking away their babies for refusing "treatment," will have another bullet to hold to the head of those who question drugging a defenseless child.

As always, in your stories, you refuse to quote a single dissenting voice.  Ask Dr. Jay Levy, the "third discoverer of HIV," what he thinks about early drugging.  Ask Dr. Nancy Turner Banks, a Harvard Medical School-educated OBGYN, what she thinks. Ask Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, who treated the first cases of immune deficiency among gay men in New York, what he thinks. (I can supply you with their contact information.)

--Terry Michaels

Free Documentary Screenings on HIV Criminalization on March 7th!

Over 30 thirty states have prosecuted people living with HIV/AIDS for “exposing” others to the virus, typically through consensual and often protected sex, or in cases of fights involving biting or spitting. Yet in a majority of these cases, there was no real threat or risk of HIV transmission. Nevertheless, due to the fear and stigma still surrounding HIV/AIDS, people living with HIV/AIDS can still be tried and convicted as a felon regardless if the virus is actually transmitted and in 33 states, be forced to register as a sex offender.
Clearly, this is bogus.

If you have been charged with an HIV-related crime or civil action – or you represent someone in such action, CONTACT OMSJ IMMEDIATELY.

To help spur the repeal of HIV criminalization laws, Housing Works is proud to announce that Broadway Cares is presenting the screening of two documentaries that illustrate the harm and false logic behind HIV crim laws.

On Thursday, March 7 at 7pm at the SVA Beatrice Theatre, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS are showing two documentaries: Positive Women: Exposing Injustice, a documentary produced by Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network that details the lives of four HIV-positive women living with HIV/AIDS, and HIV is Not a Crime, a short produced by the Sero Project.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

HIV Baby cure, read the fine print

 the "HIV baby cure" story is REALLY BIG
The claim by "scientists" of an "HIV cure" in a baby, which broke Sunday afternoon at the...
Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Atlanta. VERY BIG.

The "study" is to be released tomorrow at the conference. The entire HIV-AIDS Industry public relations apparatus is hyping the hell out of this.  You can bet it will be front page and TV network news Monday.  I have checked the stories that started appearing early Sunday evening at major media web sites, like the New York Times and CNN
They are not just reprinting Associated press or Reuters stories.  These are being written by the health reporters for each paper and network and magazine 

You can be assured that this "cure" will be used to hype universal testing and "test and treat," not just for infants but for all age groups.  If you check the stock prices for the ARV pharmaceutical companies Monday, I expect you may find heavy spikes for chemo purveyors like Gilead Sciences.

Read the stories carefully.  The baby's doctor started giving the child the poison 30 hours after birth, in high doses, after the mother tested "positive" at the time of birth and BEFORE the baby had even been tested!  The drugs were continued for months, and then the mother stopped bringing the baby to the clinic. Children and family services apparently tracked her down to force the drugs on her child, at which time more tests were done and the apparent miracle was realized--that the baby no longer "had the virus" even months after 
"treatment" had stopped.  (That's my quick take on what is being claimed; read the stories carefully for your selves.)

This is taking the madness to an all new level.  The "cure" of the "Berlin patient" was claimed to be the result of a radical and ultra expensive bone marrow transplant--not ARV's--and thus could not be claimed as a procedure that could be widely used.  This "cure" is all about the drugs!
--Terry Michael

Claimed "HIV CURE" will subject mothers and babies to AZT poisoning

Claims of a baby being "cured" of "HIV" are all over the mainstream media today, This example from the Huffington Post:
 ..with these two paragraphs:

Specialists say Sunday's announcement, at a major AIDS meeting in Atlanta, offers promising clues for efforts to eliminate HIV infection in children, especially in AIDS-plagued African countries where too many babies are born with the virus.
"You could call this about as close to a cure, if not a cure, that we've seen," Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health, who is familiar with the findings, told The Associated Press.
A doctor gave this baby faster and stronger treatment than is usual, starting a three-drug infusion within 30 hours of birth. That was before tests confirmed the infant was infected and not just at risk from a mother whose HIV wasn't diagnosed until she was in labor.
It is just outrageous to claim that an infant is carrying an pathogen, based on an antibody blood test given at birth--when it is just fact that pregnant mothers pass antibodies from their bloodstreams, through the placenta, and to the fetus. 

This is another attempt to claim efficacy of highly toxic chemotherapy, which endangers child health rather than protects it. This "HIV cure" will doubtless be used by child "authorities" to subject mothers and babies to AZT and other "anti-retroviral" poison.

--Terry Michael