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AIDS: The Greatest Deadly Lie in the History of Medicine

Mankind is facing a new threat of swine flu. A few years earlier, bird flu and SARS caused panic all over the world. AIDS has been on the top of the list of “scary” diseases for thirty years.

Where are millions of victims of SARS and bird flu? Where is deserted Africa allegedly doomed for total extinction from AIDS? Gor Shirdel, M.D. of Irish descent who is currently practicing in Kiev, has cured two patients from AIDS.
“I don’t believe that AIDS is incurable. Weak immune system is an issue that has been around for at least 200 years. It can be solved. Viruses found in the blood of those with AIDS is not the cause of the disease, it’s a consequence of immunodeficiency.
"The world thinks AIDS is incurable because two doctors, an American Robert Gallo and a Frenchman Luke Montanye, managed to convince the world in the early 1980s that AIDS is caused by "human immune deficiency virus" (HIV). Montanye even received a Nobel Prize for his “discovery.” Yet, they cannot find this virus in the human body. AIDS patients are diagnosed through the tests that register antibodies in blood, not HIV.

HIV and AIDS questions with Joan Shenton

Joan Shenton is founder and administrator of Immunity Resource Foundation. The is the author of Positively False: Exposing the myths around HIV and AIDS. She is an award winning television producer whose company Meditel Productions has specialized in science and medical programmes. She has made over 150 programmes for network television. In 1987 she produced the first documentary challenging the science behind the HIV/ AIDS hypothesis: AIDS—The Unheard Voices (Dispatches Ch4) which won the Royal Television Society Award for Journalism. There followed three further Dispatches documentaries on the subject, The AIDS Catch, AZT—Cause for Concern and AIDS and Africa. Sky News has broadcast Diary of an AIDS Dissident, AIDS Dissidents in Europe and AZT Babies. In 2000, she was granted an interview by the South African president Thabo Mbeki broadcast by M-Net South Africa – Search for Solutions—The Great AIDS Debate. Joan Shenton is currently compiling 15 years of archive material on the AIDS debate for the Immunity Resource Foundation website.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

10% of Europeans immune to HIV

Comments on this from: Terry Michael:
This nonsense about "10% of Europeans immune to HIV" is just the latest attempt to explain away why there has never been a white western heterosexual "epidemc" of "HIV disease." The other way to explain it is that there never has been an "HIV disease." That is, there is nothing pathogenic about one of thousands of strings of retroviral code written in nucleic acid and covered with a little protein. It is the biggest fraud in medical histroy. Of course, there has always been immune suppression, from multi-factorial causation, relating to unhealthful behaviors, ingestion of toxins and the psychogenic effects of being hated and oppressed minorities, both gay and black and drug users.

MAY 24, 2011 by  Holly Goodwin (I'm a 23 year old student studying English in Louisiana. I spend most my time on the computer reading articles and learning new facts. I enjoy reading and creative writing.)

According to biologists at the University of Liverpool the plagues of the Middle Ages have made 10 percent of Europeans HIV resistant.
Scientists managed to back trace the mutation to 700 years ago, a time when plagues, including the bubonic plague, were sweeping across Europe. The places hardest hit by the plagues are the ones that now have the highest levels of resistance to HIV.
Professor Christopher Duncan and Dr Susan Scott from the University of Liverpool’s School of Biological Sciences used a computer model to show how selected diseases provided the evolutionary pressure necessary to force the frequency of the mutation up from 1in 20,000 to the values today of 1 in 10.
These resistant individuals carry a mutation known as CCR5-delta 32 that inhibits the CCR5 cellular receptor used to gain access to the immune system by HIV and other diseases. The mutation effectively presents immunity to HIV and other diseases that use the CCR5 cellular receptor as a gateway into the immune system.

Michael Savage exposes AIDS fraud on top radio show

One of the most listened-to and right-wing radio presenters in the US, Michael Savage, has hosted an astonishing segment by Robert Scott Bell exposing on national media in the US for quite possibly the first time, serious flaws in the HIV/AIDS paradigm. Michael Savage has described himself as being 'To the right of Rush [Limbaugh, another right-wing radio show host] and hit the headlines in June 2009 for being the first top US media personality to be banned from the UK, the first to be banned from any western nation according to his own webpage. He regularly gets between 8-10 million listeners a week and is in the top 3 or 4 most listened-to and widely-syndicated radio shows.
It is therefore all the more astonishing, as right-wing commentators are generally regarded as being more sympathetic to medical authority, that he allowed Robert Scott Bell to do the piece exposing corruption of science in AIDS research... He plays some of Luc Montagnier's comments revealing the impotance of oxidative stress as a key role in AIDS, as revealed here, and also reveals the lack of sexual transmission revealed by the Padian study.
This is worth listening to on it's own account, but especially, having been asked to preserve that segment as it is expected it may be withdrawn from official sources, you can listen to it here.

Governments will meet at the United Nations in New York for an HIV/AIDS Summit from 8th to 10th June, to discuss the global response to the epidemic over the next five to 10 years.

 In the lead-up to the UN High-level meeting, MSF is releasing a series of five videos that illustrate innovative tools and models that could help make improved HIV treatment accessible to many more.
  • 27 May - Empowering HIV-patients to manage their care
  • 30 May - Bringing HIV treatment closer to patients
  • 31 May - Reducing pressure on health services by task-shifting
  • 1 June - Enabling healthy lives with antiretroviral drugs
  • 6 June - Benefits of starting HIV treatment earlier
*Why do site like this seem to not allow comments? "Sorry, comments have been disabled by the owner of this video."

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Draft WHO HIV strategy 2011–2015

1.1 Context and rationale 1.2 Contribution to the UNAIDS strategy for 2011–2015 and global
health sector strategies
2.1 Global vision 2.2 Global goals and targets 2.3 Strategic directions 2.4 “Know your epidemic, know your response”
3.1 Revolutionize HIV prevention 3.2 Eliminate new HIV infections in children 3.3 Catalyse the next phase of HIV treatment, care and support 3.4 Provide comprehensive and integrated services for key populations
4.1 Strengthen links between HIV programmes and other health programmes
5.1 Strengthen the six building blocks of health systems
6.1 Promote gender equality and remove harmful gender norms 6.2 Advance human rights and promote health equity 6.3 Ensure health in all policies, laws and regulations
7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4
Optimizing WHO’s HIV Programme WHO as a cosponsor of UNAIDS Collaboration with other partners Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to Treat HIV

Not the most well written article on NewsMax.
At least this was included:
Alternative HIV treatments 
These are sought for symptomatic relief and boosting the immune. Certain herbs like Tinospora cordifolia, Emblica officinalis, and Glycirrhiza glabra are effective in HIV treatment. These medications ease HIV symptoms and also enhance the immunity of the body. Similar benefits are achieved by Chinese cucumber, carrots (beta-carotene), and St John’s wort.

Read more on How to Treat HIV 

Poison By Prescription: The AZT Story and The AIDS War.

“AZT: Fact and Fiction” — On a television show for gay men, host Arnold Jackson interviews John Lauritsen, author of Poison By Prescription: The AZT Story and The AIDS War.  To watch this one-hour program click here

*Tony Brown's Journal (1977-2008) was the longest running of all PBS series. It was selected by the New York Daily News as one of the 10 top television series of all time. Tony Brown won many accolades, including Educator of the Year and Communicator of the Year.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Research shows elderberries to be beneficial in treating infections and cancer

Gay Fuel was an energy drink marketed by Florida-based Specialty Spirits, LLC towards the gay community, using the slogan "GET FIRED UP." Some refer to it as a "graphite smoothie".Gay Fuel was similar to Red Bull, except the liquid was dyed bright pink and elderberry flavored. Its makers claimed Gay Fuel contains a blend of sexual stimulant herbs and immune system boosters. The can was silver with several rainbow stripes.

(NaturalNews) Elderberries are primarily found in North America and Europe. Referred to as the `medicine chest` by Hippocrates, these berries have been researched and proven to contain many medicinal and health benefits. In 1995, Elderberry juice was used to treat a flu epidemic in Panama. Scientists even used these powerful berries to help treat AIDS and cancer.

 Learn more: 

30 years of AIDS moments to remember May 25, 2011

By Jacque Wilson and Matt Barringer , CNN

Thirty years ago, the CDC published its first mention of the HIV virus. In honor of that anniversary we take a look back at the most important moments in AIDS history.
Click through the timeline to see the people and events who will forever live in our memories. The graph underneath shows the trends of HIV/AIDS-related deaths, HIV diagnosis and the prevalence of those living with HIV or AIDS during this time period.

Two new studies warn -- medical doctors may be hazardous to your health

(NaturalNews) Today's doctors-in-training are learning how to think critically and clearly about the need for -- and potential dangers of -- any drugs they prescribe. And surgeons only operate if they are physically and mentally able to make sure they will not be putting their patient in any danger, right? Unfortunately, two new papers show that those assumptions are wrong. In fact, they reveal critical reasons why mainstream medicine can be a danger to your health and even threaten your life.
Learn more:
More: Medical Students' Exposure to and Attitudes about the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Systematic

Review Learn more:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Missouri backs off use of HIV client acknowledgment form

Michigan Messenger investigation prompts change

By Todd A. Heywood | 05.23.11
After a Michigan Messenger investigation, Missouri is no longer requiring HIV-positive individuals to sign a document acknowledging the state’s reckless exposure law in order for those persons to qualify for federally funded medical programs., says the HIV is 100% accurate. Really?

Received this Tweet back from PozIam guys (Robert Breining, Jeromy Dunn and Jack Mackenroth)

After they receive a tweet to watch:

HIV Reservoirs Knowledge Strengthens the Hope for an HIV Cure

In their paper published this month (The Search for a Cure for Persistent HIV Reservoirs. AIDS Rev. 2011; 13: 63-6), Doctors Alain Lafeuillade (France) and Mario Stevenson (USA) first recap progress recently achieved in understanding the mechanisms of HIV persistence. Then, they define two main questions to be urgently addressed: the exact nature of the non-lymphocytic HIV reservoirs, and the threshold below which new strategies will have to drive the HIV reservoir to contain it. Finally, they draw what should be the priorities in terms of clinical trials for a cure and call for a higher commitment from funding organizations to win this race

Drop the good Dr an email:
Alain Lafeuillade, MD, PhD
Informed Horizons
1860 Montreal Road
Tucker, GA USA
+1 770 573 3020 

Monday, May 23, 2011


James (Jim) Chin has been at the forefront of public health epidemiology for decades. He works in public health surveillance and prevention of communicable diseases. He has studied the AIDS pandemic from the early 1980s in California – where he was responsible for surveillance and control of communicable diseases – to the late 1980s at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, where he was responsible for developing the methods and guidelines for global and regional HIV/AIDS surveillance. During his public health career, he has held leadership positions at state, national, and International organizations and received recognition for his work as an infectious disease epidemiologist. Since his resignation from the WHO Global Programme on AIDS in 1992, he has worked as an independent consultant for different international agencies to evaluate the patterns and prevalence of HIV in developing countries – primarily in Africa and Asia.

Dr. Chin’s book The AIDS Pandemic: The Collision of Epidemiology with Political Correctness (2006), takes a critical look at HIV/AIDS estimates and the international response to AIDS.

Uganda AIDS mass testing event

Thoughts on Jim Humble and MMS?

Jim Humble:
MMS1 Protocol Successful for 800 Persons with HIV.

I’ve learned a bit about HIV since I started offering MMS to HIV-positive people. Here in Africa so far I have successfully treated 800 HIV cases during this visit (July 2009 to February 2010). For many AIDS was far advanced. But, you have to look at what I consider "successfully." You see there is no test for checking to see if someone is HIV negative

Straight Talk on MMS - Guest: Andreas Kalcker

More on YouTube: All About MMS

States cut back efforts to provide drugs for HIV, AIDS

The average annual cost of ART ( antiretroviral therapy) - - per patient in Brazil was $4,459 - - compared to over $10,000 in most of the developed world—totaling only $242 million per annum. 

By Shefali S. Kulkarni,

The result: more than 8,300 people — a record number — are on waiting lists in 13 states to get antiretrovirals and other drugs used to treat HIV and AIDS or the side effects, mental health conditions or opportunistic infections. And that number probably understates the need, say advocates, who note that many states have simply eliminated waiting lists or reduced eligibility. READ MORE:

Confessions of a pharmaceutical sales Rep, Gwen Olsen

Saturday, May 21, 2011

HIV/AIDS sufferers rejected by hospitals

By Shan Juan and Li Yao (China Daily)
Medical treatment denied because of fear, ignorance, says UN report
BEIJING - People living with HIV and AIDS in China are routinely denied treatment in mainstream hospitals and face widespread medical discrimination due to fear and ignorance about the disease, according to a study released on Tuesday by the United Nations' International Labour Organization (ILO) China Daily

The Documentary “Power to the People” HIV and AIDS Wellness Film

Power to the People Part 1: Introduction
The reason we made the following documentary Power to the People was that the Media misrepresented us and called us all kinds of names – Quacks being one of the nicest ones. We decided to put it all on film with a view of getting it on Television, so people could see it with their own eyes and judge the results for themselves. We went to the hills of KwaZulu-Natal, the epicentre of AIDS in the world, in an area where there was hardly any electricity or tap water. We thought if we can prove that our Wellness Program works there, it will work anywhere!

Friday, May 20, 2011

"The Science of Panic", A New HIV and AIDS documentary

The Science of Panic
A documentary by Isabel Otaduy Sömme and PatriziaMonzani, with Arantxa Martinez: 
"Did you know that many HIV positive people are living healthy lives, well without any medication, for many years? We discovered many other things that you probably don't know and you possibly would like to know." 

US approves new HIV drug

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new drug to treat HIV infection on Friday. The drug, made by an arm of Johnson & Johnson, will be sold under the name Edurant, and is designed to be used in combination with other antiretroviral drugs in HIV-positive adults who have not received any prior treatment or therapy.
Side effects included depression, insomnia, headache and rash.

Bloomberg reports that the FDA's approval of the first new anti-HIV drug in three years "clears a hurdle for a planned combination pill with Gilead Science Inc.'s Truvada that may generate more than $1 billion in annual sales."

AHF Survey Of Gays Raises Questions About Gilead's Truvada For HIV Prevention

AHF's survey, which was presented yesterday as part of an HIV PrEP Symposium at UCLA, raises questions about the use of Truvada as an HIV prevention pill-or pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). The online focus group was designed to determine "real world" reactions from prospective consumers about taking PrEP and to gain further information about potential adherence issues and the pill's possible impact on condom use.

Read More:

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China hugely cuts number of HIV deaths

By Peter Foster, in Beijing

China has “drastically” cut the number of deaths from HIV-Aids by handing out free anti-Aids drugs in an example that could encourage other Asian nations to tackle the disease more forcefully, a study published by The Lancet medical journal has shown.

The death rates among HIV/Aids sufferers fell by 60 per cent when they were treated with anti-retroviral drugs, according to the study which was the first major assessment of a Chinese government scheme to hand out free anti-retroviral drugs.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why HIV Treatment Needs 10 Times Its Current Funding

I think Ms. Townsend needs to receive a few emails. Don't you?

KATHLEEN KENNEDY TOWNSEND - From 1995 to 2003, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend served as Maryland's first woman lieutenant governor. She now works in finance in Washington
she writes:

On Friday I chaired a lively meeting of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, founded by leading AIDS researcher Dr. Robert C. Gallo. The week before, Bob had announced that we had received $23 million in new funding for an HIV/AIDS vaccine. The funds came from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the U.S. Army, and others, including the National Institutes of Health.
I thought about how much had changed since Bob had co-discovered the AIDS virus in 1984 and since 1996, when then-Governor Parris Glendening and I recruited him and his team to Maryland. While researchers are still struggling to develop a preventive vaccine, the treatment of HIV/AIDS has drastically changed. For most of the developed world, HIV/AIDS has been transformed from a death sentence to a chronic disease.
Read More:

Magic Johnson: 20 Years of Living With HIV - Newsweek

...his doctors battled the killer that had infected him. Dr. David Ho had begun experimenting with a promising new weapon: a cocktail of antiretroviral medications that seemed to keep HIV in check and prevent patients from developing full-blown AIDS. 
Magic Johnson’s H.I.V. Disclosure
And so, in 1994—about a year and a half before the new drug regimen was introduced to the general public—Ho put Johnson on it. “Since we pioneered that therapy, we were able to include Mr. Johnson early, and it made a major difference in his health and overall being,” says Ho from his offices at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York. “In the beginning there were many pills he had to take several times a day. That’s changed a great deal now, so he doesn’t take but a few, and with fewer side effects.” Johnson’s drug regimen includes the pharmaceuticals Trizivir and Kaletra...

HIV mutates to escape immune system

However, we still do not how these antibodies really work,...

HIV discovery brings vaccine closer

An investigation into the activity of antibodies in HIV patients has revealed that the HIV virus can mutate in order to 'escape' this immune response.

An investigation into the activity of antibodies in HIV patients has revealed that the HIV virus can mutate in order to ‘escape’ this immune response.
Human ADCC (antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity) antibodies – which are often present in high concentrations in HIV-infected patients – have been strongly implicated in the protection from HIV in several vaccine trials
Read more

Friday, May 13, 2011

David Crowe and Terry Michaels discuss groundbreaking HIV and AIDS news

In this episode, David and Terry discuss groundbreaking HIV/AIDS news, with a focus on how more and more people are rethinking AIDS – and are being recognized, worldwide, for doing so. For example, Dr. Nancy Turner Banks, a recent guest on Episode 26 of our show, received a gold medal on May 11, 2011 from the Independent Publisher Book Awards.
The award described her latest publication, “AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire,” as “the most progressive health book.”
We also discuss several new “Rethinking AIDS” video documentaries released worldwide.
We finish the podcast by remembering Karri Stokely, a caring and compassionate woman, who had taken AIDS drugs for over 10 years before discovering our work.  We are saddened to lose Karri, yet we are equally empowered to continue our journey rethinking AIDS because of her.
Other news items include:

Breakthrough in AIDS fight: Drugs radically reduce transmission of virus

A new study shows a 96% reduction in transmission of the AIDS virus to spouses and partners when HIV-positive people take anti-AIDS drugs. The drugs were unexpectedly effective.

More Media Rhetoric / choice of wording. 
READ the text.
There is NO Break though. 
The 11 Drugs do not reduce Transmission. 
READ People. 
Deal in FACTS:
-read the LA Times article and then New York Times (below) the choice of words:
"...can reduce the transmission of the virus to spouses and partners by 96%"
-everything is based on CD4 level. 
-Try to think of this the other way around. 
What if these people in the test would have never gotten the HIV virus in the 1st place. Was that taking into consideration? NOPE.

-Why are more people NOT taking about Dr. Nancy Padian 10 years study?
The Study “We followed up 175 HIV-discordant couples [one partner tests positive, one negative] over time, for a total of approximately 282 couple-years of follow up… No transmission [of HIV] occurred among the 25% of couples who did not use their condoms consistently, nor among the 47 couples who intermittently practiced unsafe sex during the entire duration of follow-up…”
We observed no seroconversions after entry into the study [nobody became HIV positive]…This evidence argues for low infectivity in the absence of either needle sharing and/or other cofactors.”
How about this fact it's cost 73 million dollars to study 1763 couples. That's 41,406.70 per couples. To give them Free Drugs. Just think about that? long distance calls? Shipping? Salaries? 
Stop accepting "FACTS" for a drug pusher like Dr. Anthony Fauci

May 12, 2011

In what is being hailed as a landmark breakthrough in HIV prevention, a new study has shown that giving anti-AIDS drugs to HIV-positive people can reduce the transmission of the virus to spouses and partners by 96%, U.S. researchers said Thursday.