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Release Date: 09/27/2012
Johns Hopkins study suggests the commonly prescribed anti-retroviral drug efavirenz attacks brain cells
The way the body metabolizes a commonly prescribed anti-retroviral drug that is used long term by patients infected with HIV may contribute to cognitive impairment by damaging nerve cells, a new Johns Hopkins research suggests.
Nearly 50 percent of people infected with HIV will eventually develop some form of brain damage that, while mild, can affect the ability to drive, work or participate in many daily activities. It has long been assumed that the disease was causing the damage, but Hopkins researchers say the drug efavirenz may play a key role.

Note the second paragraph of the press release from, bold italics emphasis added by me:
Nearly 50 percent of people infected with HIV will eventually develop some form of brain damage that, while mild, can affect the ability to drive, work or participate in many daily activities. It has long been assumed that the disease was causing the damage, but Hopkins researchers say the drug efavirenz may play a key role.
On occasion, a little bit of  truth--like the words above--escapes from the National Institutes of Health "HIV-AIDS" knowledge monopoly, created by Dr. Anthony Fauci in 1984, when he was named head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Still directing NIAID 28 years later, Fauci's fame as an un-elected bureaucrat is matched only by the late FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

One of the most media-noticed science bureaucrats in modern American history, Dr. Fauci has had virtual control over all policy decisions related to the American government response to the collapse of immune systems in a subset of urban gay males in the early 1980's. In his NIAID position, Fauci has controlled tens of billions of dollars in "HIV-AIDS" research grants from NIH, spread around the country and the world. He has never allowed one dollar of U.S. taxpayer money to be spent on any theory of "AIDS" other than the single retroviral pathogen theory eagerly advanced by his NIH/National Cancer Institute colleague, Dr. Robert Gallo, in a press conference on April 23, 1984--before publication of any scientific papers claiming that an amorphous immune deficiency disorder noticed among urban American gay males was "probably" caused by a mysterious retrovirus.

Fauci has been the U.S. government's chief proponent of "anti-retroviral" (ARV) drugs, now a $17 billion segment of the pharmaceutical industry (as of the end 2011.)

Thus, it is not often that researchers go off script, and admit that the highly toxic ARV chemotherapy is the real cause of ill health in those said to be "infected" with a retrovirus. "AIDS by prescription," as Dr. Peter Duesberg observed many years ago.

When will this iatrogenic illness madness end?

--Terry Michael
People infected with HIV typically take a cocktail of medications to suppress the virus, and many will take the drugs for decades. Efavirenz is known to be very good at controlling the virus and is one of the few that crosses the blood-brain barrier and can target potential reservoirs of virus in the brain. Doctors have long believed that it might be possible to alleviate cognitive impairment associated with HIV by getting more drugs into the brain, but researchers say more caution is needed because there may be long-term effects of these drugs on the brain.

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In Home HIV Tests Now Available to Mislead

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HIV Boys Pull Another Fast One With Frightening Easy Test
Chances of False Positive About 1 in 18, or 63,000 People In All
But Even Accurate Tests By Definition Useless and Dangerous

The Times boosted the July 4 celebrations of those leading the biggest scientific scam in history today with a top right front page story by its resident fellow traveler in HIV/AIDS, Donald G. McNeil, entitled Rapid H.I.V. Home Test Wins Federal Approval.
The story bears close examination as a new high point in the HIV promotion crowd’s success in stirring up trouble for which they ask vast funding to deal with.
One interesting aspect is that as stated (after the report was corrected) the tests are quite insensitive to HIV antibodies, so they are somewhat inaccurate in responding to true positives. The 92% accuracy for positives means that 8% of positive results will register negative. It’s 4999 in 5000 accuracy for negatives means (when the arithmetic is added up) that about 5 per cent of the positives it registers will be false. That is, 1 in 20 will be wrong.

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posted by Terry Michael:
I did with Dr. Robert Gallo at the XIX International AIDS Society Conference in Washington, DC, July 22, 2012. I had to transcribe it, because it's a poor quality audio, and Gallo is a hard interview. His syntax makes it difficult to follow him on the audio, but it should be easier with this transcript:

Here's the audio file you can download, as Windows Media Audio (.WMA):

And here it is (much larger file) as an .MP3:

I asked Gallo mostly about Luc Montagnier, and what he (Gallo) thought of his one-time colleague's views on "HIV co-factors" and Montagnier's assertion that we can rid ourselves of HIV "in just a few weeks if you have a good immune system," in the interview from the film "House of Numbers"

I also asked Gallo about his views on use of so-called "ARV's" for PrEP, or "pre-exposure prophylaxis," on which he equivocated, but said he was "not on that bandwagon."

At one point, Gallo tried to go "off-the-record"--even though his press aide early in the interview cautioned him that "you're on the record."  Gallo attempted to go off-the-record in what I regarded as an attempt to slander Montagnier by suggesting he (Montagnier) was trying to personally profit from his theories on nutrition and AIDS. As a journalist, I believe an interviewee has the right to ask if he can go off-the-record, during the course of an interview.  But, in this case, he did not ask to change the on-the-record condition; he just asserted he was doing it. In any case, I don't believe an interviewee should be able go off-the-record to engage in an ad hominem attack. That quote, in context, is copied below.

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9 people out of 10 have no idea why they believe in the theories of HIV and AIDS

HIV revelation leads to Dallas woman's murder 
posted by: Cornelius D. Allen

I am learning more everyday was a newbie dissident. My (and others') interaction in this story's comments section has taught me a few things. My goal on commenting on this story was not to persuade existing mainstream believers about the non-existence of HIV. I was targeting those agnostic individuals, if you will.

In all of that, I gained valuable insight into why people believe the mainstream 
hypothesis even in lieu of not knowing WHY they believe it.

I am betting dollars to donuts that 8-9 people out of 10 have no idea why they believe in the HIV/AIDS myth. Ask them how they know HIV allegedly causes AIDS and they won't quote the original studies or for that matter any "scientific evidence" for the mainstream hypothesis/myth.

There were a few people in there that scared me with their "reasoning": they believe that mere consensus makes an idea a fact or that personal experiences makes something real. Their "logic" is not really logic.

In the future, I will have a more disciplined approach to answering the rebuttals before they are stated. I have determined that you have to counter these shoddy ways of thinking when presenting a rather radical thesis that HIV does not exists and therefore can not be the cause of AIDS.

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Watch the "The Greater Good" documentary film on the vaccine debate in America today.

The Greater Good is a documentary film that looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, an opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion.

Support the filmmakers through purchasing the streaming version of the film

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TOP Documentary Stream: "House Of Numbers – Anatomy Of An Epidemic"

"HOUSE OF NUMBERS - Watch Anatomy Of An Epidemic"
 Free Online here:


The documentary titled “House of Numbers: Anatomy of an epidemic” follows the expedition of a Canadian filmmaker, Brent Leung down into the slums of South Africa, where he studies the prevalence of AIDS and HIV disease. It tackles many question such as, what is AIDS. What is HIV? Although, a cure may not be in close sight, but is there anything that is being done to slow down the progress of the disease or even get aid to the people in this impoverished region. The disease began flooding the front page of newspapers during the early 80’s and the number of people, who were afflicted with this disease, began escalating by two-folds every second.
Ever since then, AIDS and HIV may have been the talk of the town, but the disease is not understood by the people and there are several ridiculous taboos that shroud the issue. Leung further observes that the health policy in South Africa may have gone off-course and a body that was formed to study and research the disease fails to perform its function now. Millions of dollars were given to the South African authorities every year by the UNAIDS. Bureaucracy and corruption may have caused this epidemic to go out of hand a bit, but the documentary aims to educate the entire world about the scourge of AIDS in South Africa.
The documentary features interviews from some of the most influential people, who play a pivotal role in their respective fields. From political figures to scientists, government officials, activists, survivors and the sufferers; the documentary encompasses the point of views of all. Leung has used a very objective tone and approach in making the issues known that the audiences will find most engaging. He has unraveled the conflicting opinions of people and the measures that are being taken to bring the epidemic under control and enable the people to restore their health and lives back to normal.

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The Shame of Gilead

by Terry Michael

Gilead Sciences, headquartered in Foster City, CA, is the world's number one purveyor of the chemotherapies known as "anti-retrovirals" (ARVs.) In 2011, the company (named for the Biblical "balm of Gilead") reported ARV sales of about $6.91 billion dollars. The trade names for their ARVs are: Truvada, Atripla, Viread, Complera and Emtriva--all of which they acknowledge have serious adverse "side" effects (as noted in the Gilead prescribing information for Truvada.) Gilead was way ahead of nearest competitor Bristol-Myers-Squibb, which sold about $3.05 billion of the chemo in 2011, according to year-end corporate reports I have reviewed.

Science Fictions: A Scientific Mystery, a Massive Cover-up and the Dark Legacy of Robert Gallo

October 2008: A quarter-century after the discovery of HIV and the invention of the HIV blood test at the Pasteur Institut in Paris, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Pasteur researchers Francoise Barre and Luc Montagnier. Not included in that award was Robert Gallo, who for many of those 25 years had attempted to claim credit as the discoverer, and later the co-discoverer, of HIV. With that verdict, science at last accepted what the evidence had long shown, that the fundamental discoveries leading to the recognition of HIV as the cause of AIDS had occurred in France, and not in Gallo’s laboratory at the U.S. National Cancer Institute. One of the most divisive and destructive disputes in modern scientific history had at last been laid to rest. — John Crewdson  order the book now

Where Circumcision Doesn't Prevent HIV

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Have you heard that circumcision reduces HIV transmission? Here’s an accurate breakdown of exactly why circumcision does NOT prevent HIV.
There’s currently a lot of hype surrounding circumcision and the transmission of HIV. The word on people’s lips is that “circumcision reduces HIV transmission by 60%.” The claim is based on the result of three major “studies” that were carried out in Africa, but there are a few confounding factors that bring the validity of these so-called “studies” into question. One of the greatest confounding factors in these studies is empirical evidence to the contrary; real world data from countries where circumcision is already a widespread practice and studies with contrary results.

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Sean Strub, Poz magazine, challenges Julio Montaner,Director of the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, on AIDS "treatment as prevention"

POZ magazine founder Sean Strub, on Julio Montaner and so-called "treatment as prevention," XIX Intnl AIDS Conf., Washington, July 23, 2012. Strub believes in single pathogen theory, but leads against "over use" of chemo "anti-retrovirals," opposing "test-and treat" and "PrEP" or "pre-exposure prophylaxis." Montaner has fed toxic ARV's to Vancouver IV drug users for years--immune suppressive poison to people already pumping poison into their veins. Includes Montaner's weasel word response. Video from Kaiser foundation. (3-second drop-out at point 1:43 into video.)

  • We are not about mandatory anything but testing!
  • Yes, mandatory testing to capture more "postives" and then destroy their health with immediate poisoning with highly toxic chemotherapy. Universal testing is The HIV-AIDS Industry's government's and non-profits' collusion with Gilead Sciences and the other BigPharma producers of the poison.

What will DC AIDS office be advising physicians on prescribing "anti-retrovirals" to "HIV negatives" for so-called pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)?

Challenging the District of Columbia AIDS bureaucrats on "pre-exposure prophylaxis", or "PrEP"--feeding toxic "anti-retroviral" chemicals to those who have not even tested "positive" on the so-called "HIV test."

On the opening day, Sunday, July 22, of the XIX International AIDS Conference, Terry Michaels questioned the director of the Washington, DC HIV-AIDS bureaucracy about what his agency will be advising physicians on use of ARV's as a prophylaxis against HIV "infection." It was at the end of a panel in which Dr. Robert Gallo participated.  It was the only venue at the 6-day conference to which Gallo was invited. The conference was funded and tightly controlled by NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci, with a $7 million U.S. NIH grant to the Swiss-based advocacy organization that produced the conference.  Millions more U.S. tax dollars were spent on conference registration fees, airfare, hotels and expenses for the mostly university contractors who benefit from Fauci's HIV research grants.