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HIV Criminalization Laws Are Claiming More and More Victims

By Celia Farber reposted from
We expect this trend to continue. While the AIDS industry has convinced Americans of the alleged AIDS epidemic, prosecutors have a hard time finding anyone willing to promote their propaganda under penalty of perjury.
The 2011 Nobel laureate poet Tomas Tranströmer wrote a poem called “To Friends Behind A Frontier,” to close friends living in (then) GDR. The poem goes like this:
I wrote so meagerly to you. But what I couldn’t write swelled and swelled like an old-fashioned airship and drifted away at last through the night sky.
The letter is now at the censor’s. He lights his lamp. In the glare my words fly up like monkeys on a grille, rattle it, stop and bare their teeth.
Read between the lines. We’ll meet in 200 years
When the microphones in the hotel walls are forgotten
And can at last sleep, become trilobites.

Friday, December 21, 2012

A debate about AIDS and "House of Numbers" via


some great chat going on now from
(The global Authority in Mixed martial Arts site)

This thread is inspired by an EXCELLENT documentary from a couple years back called "House of Numbers". In it, the filmmakers basically set out to discover the origin of AIDS, it's relationship to HIV, the conditions which cause it, and the conditions which define it. What they ended up with was a very interesting story indeed.
It seems that the official meme that "HIV = AIDS = Death" has many problems, not the least of which are;
a) AIDS itself is not a disease or virus but is diagnosed through what amounts to a checklist of various symptoms which are easily attributed to other known diseases like TB, and also could be caused by malnutrition.
b) The causal link between HIV and AIDS has never truly been scientifically established, and in fact, the existence of the HIV virus itself is in question, when it's only been isolated and photographed twice, and both studies were inconclusive.
c) The HIV test does not seek to identify the virus itself, but only a certain type of antibody. This type of testing is not uncommon in the medical world, as it's easier and cheaper to identify the antibodies, but it's use is only valid if the virus itself has been fully understood and isolated. It it also problematic in the area of false-positives, for example; pregnant women produce these antibodies naturally (I wonder how many of the African women diagnosed were pregnant?)
d)The statistics of the world-wide AIDS and HIV numbers have been manipulated, obfuscated and confused (hence the film title) to such an extant that they do not accurately portray the reality of the situation.
e) The AZT treatments are highly toxic, severely inhibit DNA replication in the body, and in the end kill more people than the ailment they are supposed to combat.

There are many more important points but in the interest of brevity I would suggest you ask specific questions or watch the film, read the articles, etc.

I don't know what the original agenda was behind the film's creation, but to me it seems they gave everyone a fair shot at telling their side of the story. This includes Nobel Laureates, journalists, those living with the "syndrome" (AIDS) and the virus (HIV), scientists who are pro the official meme and dissenters of the official meme, but in the end this "House of Numbers" appears to crumble before our eyes. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dead 5 months to the day that Brandon Lacy Campos begins taking Gilead's new "Complera

by: Jamal A Tullock
This was nothing less than a crime. I don't know the man. I knew nothing of him until his death was announced. To this day, they pretend not to know his cause of death. But that he was somehow labeled an "HIV" activist led me to assume he must have died from ARV's. The worst part was learning that, in his own words, he was not taking them for the entire 10 years of his alleged "positive" diagnosis. 

An HIV Nonprogressor Starts Meds; or HIV Sucks

By Brandon Lacy Campos

And here he dies 5 months to the day that he begins taking Gilead's new "Complera" (which began 6/9/2012; he died 11/9/2012)

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Remove industry bias from clinical trials before it's too late

Here's an article from several researchers at the Univ. of New South Wales and the Univ. of Sydney, debunking self-serving GlobalBigPharma-funded clinical trials of all kinds of drugs:

They use Tamiflu as an example--the worthless "flu" palliative peddled by our friends at Gilead Sciences, the biggest purveyors of the toxic "HIV-ARV" chemo. 
Gildead's Gilead’s CEO Martin Joins “$50 Million 
And speaking of Gilead Sciences, I am eagerly awaiting Gilead's 2012 annual report, to place a dollar-value on Gilead CEO John C. Martin's iatrogenic illness-producing greed. Here is a HAART-warming web page displaying the warfare inside the HIV-AIDS Drug Industrial Complex, in which the federal tax dollar-sucking AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) of Los Angeles attacks Martin, one of the ten highest paid CEO's in America, according to Forbes. 

Apparently Martin's pay-package is so high that it affects the AHF pharmacies' bottom line. AHF seems to be fishing for a lower price for Truvada, Atripla and the other Gilead poison AHF buys from Gilead. Martin and AHF don't seem to think they are getting rich enough on the backs of the vulnerable gay and black millions who have been caught in the $12,000-$14,000/year AIDS Drug death trap.

--Terry Michael

P.S. Unfortunately, if you dig deeper into you'll find that this Aussie effort to think outside the usual peer-reviewed journal box produces little or no skepticism about the SEX=HIV=AIDS=DEATH paradigm. I am trying to sign up to contribute writing at the site, but I suspect academic freedom to think non-knowledge-monopoly thoughts will be no more tolerated Down Under than it is in the U.S., under HIV Czar J. Edgar Fauci.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

As drug industry’s influence over research grows, so does the potential for bias

By , -

“We now have clear evidence from a large international study that the initial use of [Avandia] is more effective than standard therapies,” a senior vice president of GlaxoSmithKline, Lawson Macartney, said in a news release.
What only careful readers of the article would have gleaned is the extent of the financial connections between the drugmaker and the research. The trial had been funded by GlaxoSmithKline, and each of the 11 authors had received money from the company. Four were employees and held company stock. The other seven were academic experts who had received grants or consultant fees from the firm.
Linda Anderson
Thanks to the Washington Post for the article "Can Drug Research Still be Trusted?"
It was an eye opening look at a $70 billion part of our economy. I don't understand why is there no outrage over 83,000 heart-attacks and deaths from Avandia, yet for weeks now the attention has focused on 4 deaths in the mid-East? 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Antiretroviral treatment for HIV reduces food insecurity, reports AIDS Journal

 Public release date: 4-Dec-2012

Antiretroviral treatment for HIV reduces food insecurity, reports AIDS Journal

By increasing work ability, anti-HIV drugs may reduce hunger as well as improve health

Philadelphia, Pa. (December 4, 2012) – Can treatment with modern anti-HIV drugs help fight hunger for HIV-infected patients in Africa? Starting antiretroviral therapy for HIV reduces "food insecurity" among patients in Uganda, suggests a study published online by the journal AIDS, official journal of the International AIDS Society.AIDS is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a part ofWolters Kluwer Health.
Treatment including antiretroviral therapy (ART) may lead to a "positive feedback loop" whereby improved functioning and productivity lead to increased ability to work—and thus to decreased food insecurity, according to the study by Kartika Palar, PhD and colleagues of University of California Los Angeles and RAND Corporation. The article is available on the AIDS journal homepage and in the November 28 print edition.

Monday, December 3, 2012

My journey with HIV has been complex, varied and challenging, by Johnny Trifun

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I recently received a request to fill in a research questionnaire done by a Masters Student in Health Psychology, in association with the Hospital relating to HIV/AIDS patients. The results were printed in the gay press and the results outlined that few patients use Internet to access information on HIV treatments and ‘how few challenge their physician or pose questions regarding treatment’

At first I was pleased that research was being done, I feel Health Psychology plays a major role in the path of HIV/AIDS, however after several attempts to fill in the form, eventually out of frustration, I discarded it. I found the questionnaire failed to acknowledge the complexities of the virus, as well as the complexities and journeys of individuals, to create a more true and meaningful result, or even assess trends and therefore was unable to fill out the form and tick the boxes in a way where I felt that I was being true to myself and helpful to the study. The findings of the research were presented at a recent Body Positive seminar, and one recognized physician pointed out, 'there is no expectation of a cure for HIV in the foreseeable future'. I question this by asking, ”Is it because the whole HIV/AIDS does not exist in the threshold of which we have all believed it to be?”

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The World Health Organization confesses that 25 years of international Aids projections and programs were based on fear, not evidence. But they still want you to believe them.

It is official: Aids is not explicable by sexual transmission. There is no heterosexual Aids pandemic, and further, there will be no heterosexual Aids pandemic.
“Threat of world Aids pandemic among heterosexuals is over, report admits”, The Independent announced on Sunday, June 8, 2008, mimicking what I have been reporting for years (and what some of my colleagues have been reporting for decades).
No, really. But take it from someone you trust, Dr. Kevin de Cock of the World Health Organization: “[T]here will be no generalised epidemic of Aids in the heterosexual population outside Africa.”
“A 25-year health campaign was misplaced outside the continent of Africa,” the article concedes, daring you hang them all. And so they’re quick to add a massive fiction: “But the disease still kills more than all wars and conflicts”

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Worlds AIDS Day / Rethinking AIDS Day

A video representing the unheard voices of HIV positives people struggling to break free of the death sentence designed by HIV and AIDS industry. 

This Video was made by Celia Ingrid Farber

Will a so-called "functional" cure be enough to keep HIV in check

As scientists and advocates push beyond merely managing HIV infection with expensive and toxic prescription medications, an overarching question is: Will a so-called "functional" cure be enough to keep HIV in check, such that people with the virus can go months between medical treatments? Or is a truly "sterilizing" cure -- a complete and provable eradication of all traces of HIV -- the only goal worth pursuing?

Today, December 1, 2012, The HIV-AID$ Industry celebrates another World AID$ Day

It should be called "World afrAID$ Day."  It is their annual fear-mongering, to push universal "HIV testing," so more customers can be captured for the toxic chemotherapy pushed by Gilead Sciences and the other purveyors of immune deficiency by prescription.

On the eve of World afrAID$ Day, Clark Baker's project to assist victims of HIV+ Panic statutes reported another victory for sanity.  Read about it here:

We are three decades into the madness.  I will continue until my last breath to rage against The HIV-AID$ Machine.

--Terry Michael

MAIL: Box 15239, Washington, DC  20003

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Parkinson's sufferer wins six figure payout from GlaxoSmithKline

over drug that turned him into a 'gay sex and gambling addict'


Father-of-two says he developed an uncontrollable passion for gay sex and gambling - at one point even selling his children's toys to fund his addiction

A French appeals court has upheld a ruling ordering GlaxoSmithKline to pay €197,000 (£159,000) to a man who claimed a drug given to him to treat Parkinson's turned him into a 'gay sex addict'.
Didier Jambart, 52, was prescribed the drug Requip in 2003 to treat his illness.

Within two years of beginning to take the drug the married father-of-two says he developed an uncontrollable passion for gay sex and gambling - at one point even selling his children's toys to fund his addiction.
He was awarded £160,000 in damages after a court in Rennes, France, upheld his claims.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Specimen Magazine Interview with Peter Duesberg

“Here you try your best, at least you
think, to say what’s really going on. And
AIDS would be...not like cancer, where I
say maybe we have the truth but it’s not
going to be a picnic either. But with
AIDS, it could be a stroke of a pen and 
                      AIDS would be gone.”

Specimen Interview: Duesberg_for_Specimen_Issue_1
*Interview conducted on August 3rd, 2011 in Peter’s Berkeley office and local coffee shop

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Living proof that CFS and HIV-NEGATIVE AIDS are basically the same mysterious immune disorder

by Karen Lambert -

I have Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFS/CFIDS/ME) and HIV-NEGATIVE AIDS, idiopathic CD lymphocytopenia. With these two clinical diagnoses, I believe that makes me living proof that the AIDS-like CFS/ME is transmissible, something that the medical establishment seems unable to admit or to acknowledge. I also believe it makes me living proof that CFS and HIV-NEGATIVE AIDS are basically the same mysterious immune disorder.
Three years ago, after a heterosexual sexual encounter, I became seriously ill with what looks like the natural disease progression of AIDS. After an “acute infection” and a “period of asymptomatic
health”, I have fallen extremely ill to an unrelenting, progressively-worsening AIDS-like demise. I can pinpoint exactly when I was infected with my “chronic viral syndrome of unknown etiology”
and because the “acute infection” stage was so distinguishable, I can also pinpoint exactly when my undiagnosed pathogen left my body and infected yet another host.
Whatever I am currently dealing with, it strongly resembles classic textbook HIV/AIDS disease. But, to add to my inquiry, I also clinically satisfy the CDC’s criteria for the diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Increasingly, I have become concerned that my systemic diagnosis is caught up in the treacherous politics of CFS/ME and AIDS. Most people with CFS/ME do not like to talk about the many symptoms and immune abnormalities that they share with AIDS patients. I also suspect that most ailing patients would rather be told that they have the very mysterious CFS than to be told that they have AIDS.
I have a Master’s degree. I am a director at my firm. I used to be a triathlete. I have never used IV drugs. I have never traveled abroad. I can count my sexual partners on two hands. Statistically speaking, I know that my undiagnosed infectious and communicable disease is not rare…so, you tell me, if they are not in the miscellaneous CFS/ME category, where are all these other immunosuppressed people?
Anyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, who does not consider the possibility that CFS/ME will eventually progress to a NON-HIV AIDS diagnosis, is very well trumping their own ability to diagnosis the root cause of their illness.
Why isn’t CFS/ME a reportable disease overseen by our public health department? Why are ME and CFS (i.e., the same exact disorder) suspiciously categorized as two separate illnesses on a worldwide level (i.e., by ICD codes)? Doesn’t anyone else but me, very clearly see, the catastrophic cover-up going on here?
Why are we not reading about Non-HIV AIDS cases (and/or the AIDS-like nature of CFS) on the front pages of every newspaper in the world? And if CFS/ME is Non-HIV AIDS, then, depending on who you believe, there are anywhere between 500,000 – 14,000,000 Americans out there with a transmissible illness. If that is what it truly is, our new form of AIDS dwarfs the ‘original’ AIDS epidemic — tenfold!
I want honest answers for myself, for everyone who is suffering from this hideous illness, and especially for those who remain uninfected by my undiagnosed infectious and communicable disease.
As worrisome as my health is to me, I am extremely troubled by the strong likelihood that more people are being infected every minute that Non-HIV AIDS cases (like mine) are allowed to go undetected – especially if it turns out that AIDS and CFIDS/ME are basically the same disorder.
You can label my AIDS-like illness whatever you wish. I would even allow you to call it infectious-CFS, even though it is utterly beyond my realm of comprehension as to how the medical establishment can generically name an entire disease paradigm based on just one (of my numerous) symptom(s).
Regardless of how politics may try to dissuade or delude you, all you need to know is that my idiopathic immune dysfunction is infectious! It is contagious! And it is spreading, unleashed, in the world’s population!
I am not afraid to say that I have AIDS without HIV — idiopathic CD lymphocytopenia — my second official clinical diagnosis. I am equally as unafraid of saying the most obvious thing about CFS/ME: it sure does look like AIDS to me.
We talk openly about preparing for an impending Avian Flu pandemic. Why not talk about the HIV-NEGATIVE AIDS epidemic that already exists (and is spreading) amongst us?
If it takes courage to think and to say the things that I do, I hope that there will be a miraculous outbreak of bravery from coast-to-coast. I stopped fighting for myself a long, long time ago. I
fight for humanity.
I demand a CFS/HIV revolution. Vive La Revolución‏.
To learn more about non-HIV AIDS, and to see the *new* face of AIDS, please visit: CFS Straight Talk
Could I be you?
Karen LambertCFS Straight Talk
Karen Lambert a Master’s degree. She was a director at my firm. She used to be a triathlete. She has never used IV drugs, nor traveled abroad. Shecan count her sexual partners on two hands.
- As originally appeared in LA Progressive Magazine

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gilead Presents Encouraging Data - HIV therapy Stribild


11/16/2012 1:00 PM
 by Zacks Equity Research

Gilead Sciences(GILD) recently presented encouraging long-term data on its HIV therapy Stribild from two ongoing phase III studies (102 and 103) as a first-line therapy. Data from study 102 revealed that Stribild was non-inferior to Gilead's Atripla after two years of treatment.

Data from study 103 demonstrated the non inferiority of Stribild to Norvir (ritonavir)-boosted Reyataz plus Truvada after a similar time period. While Norvir is marketed byAbbott Labs(ABT), Reyataz is marketed byBristol-Myers Squibb(BMY). Gilead presented the encouraging results at the 11th international congress on drug therapy regarding HIV infection in the UK.

We note that Stribild, a combination pill, is a new addition to Gilead's formidable HIV franchise. The drug was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in August 2012 as a first-line therapy for treating adults suffering from HIV. The approval was based on encouraging 48 weeks data from studies 102 and 103. Stribild is under review for the same indication in the EU.

Neutral on Gilead

We currently have a Neutral recommendation on Gilead. The stock carries a Zacks #3 Rank (Holdrating) in the short run. We remain optimistic on the growth prospects of Gilead's HIV drugs, Truvada and Atripla. We are also encouraged by the sales ramp of Complera/Eviplera, which together with Stribild, has further fortified the HIV franchise and helped to mitigate the impact of upcoming patent expirations.

Gilead is looking to combat the threat of genericization by inking deals, making acquisitions and introducing new products. To further strengthen its hepatitis C virusportfolio, Gilead purchased Pharmasset earlier in the year, for approximately $11.1 billion.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Joseph Sonnabend, Remembering the Original AZT Trial

An interesting article by early AIDS doctor Joseph Sonnabend, who can’t usually decide what side he’s on, but enough time has passed that he now thinks it is okay to be against AZT.
reposted from

By Joseph Sonnabend -

From time to time I'll write about some of the earliest events in the epidemic.  I've had the opportunity to participate in some of them, both as a physician caring for people with AIDS from its first recognition in 1981 and also as a microbiologist.   Today, I'm going back 24 years to recall - with the help of a few contemporary documents, a significant event in the history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  This was the introduction of AZT, the first drug to be approved for the treatment of HIV infection.
This is not so much about AZT as it is about the trial that led to its approval and how it made me aware that even if we then had no lifesaving treatments there was much we were able to do for our patients.
I'm certainly not writing a history of the introduction of AZT. This is just the personal account of a doctor treating HIV infected individuals at the time, who was unable to recommend AZT for his patients at least not at the huge dose then suggested by authorities who had taken on the medical leadership of the epidemic.

I'm not sure that it's even possible to adequately describe the terror and desperation felt in the early 1980s.   By 1986 nothing of any use regarding treatments had come from the Public Health Service and very little from the academic medical community.  For example, people with AIDS had to wait until 1989 for the CDC to issue guidelines for the prevention ofpneumocystis pneumonia, the most frequent cause of death among them, while this type of pneumonia had often been routinely prevented in many other individuals who were also at risk because they were recipients of kidney transplants, or were children with leukemia.  The way to prevent pneumocystis pneumonia was no secret - it had been published in 1977.  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wait—you are suggesting that AIDS is really syphilis?

Discover Interview Lynn Margulis Says She's Not Controversial, She's Right

It's the neo-Darwinists, population geneticists, AIDS researchers, and English-speaking biologists as a whole who have it all wrong.
by Dick Teresi

This piece of the Article is at the end of the whole interview below
You have upset many medical researchers with the suggestion that corkscrew-shaped spirochetes turn into dormant “round bodies.” What’s that debate all about? 

Spirochetes turn into round bodies in any unfavorable condition where they survive but cannot grow. The round body is a dormant stage that has all the genes and can start growing again, like a fungal spore. Lyme disease spirochetes become round bodies if you suspend them in distilled water. Then they come out and start to grow as soon as you put them in the proper food medium with serum in it. The common myth is that penicillin kills spirochetes and therefore syphilis is not a problem. But syphilis is a major problem because the spirochetes stay hidden as round bodies and become part of the person’s very chemistry, which they commandeer to reproduce themselves. Indeed, the set of symptoms, or syndrome, presented by syphilitics overlaps completely with another syndrome: AIDS.
Wait—you are suggesting that AIDS is really syphilis?

There is a vast body of literature on syphilis spanning from the 1500s until after World War II, when the disease was supposedly cured by penicillin. Yet the same symptoms now describe AIDS perfectly. It’s in our paper “Resurgence of the Great Imitator.” Our claim is that there’s no evidence that HIV is an infectious virus, or even an entity at all. There’s no scientific paper that proves the HIV virus causes AIDS. Kary Mullis [winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize for DNA sequencing, and well known for his unconventional scientific views] said in an interview that he went looking for a reference substantiating that HIV causes AIDS and discovered, “There is no such document.”

Syphilis has been called “the great imitator” because patients show a whole range of symptoms in a given order. You have a genital chancre, your symptoms go away, then you have the pox, this skin problem, and then it’s chronic, and you get sicker and sicker. The idea that penicillin kills the cause of the disease is nuts. If you treat the painless chancre in the first few days of infection, you may stop the bacterium before the symbiosis develops, but if you really get syphilis, all you can do is live with the spirochete. The spirochete lives permanently as a symbiont in the patient. The infection cannot be killed because it becomes part of the patient’s genome and protein synthesis biochemistry. After syphilis establishes this symbiotic relationship with a person, it becomes dependent on human cells and is undetectable by any testing.
The whole interview: