Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Schools bar students with HIV

by Bich Huong
"Living without discrimination" reads one of the signs
carried by students from Yen Bai Secondary School and
the Ba Vi Centre for Social Education and Labour at the
Colourful Rainbowl camp this month.
— Photo courtesy Save the Children Viet Nam
HA NOI — As the new school year begins, some 40 youngsters with HIV at the Centre for Social Education and Labour No 2 in Ba Vi, on the outskirts of Ha Noi, still long for the day when they can join mainstream education.
Quach Thi Mai, principal of Yen Bai B Primary School, said a lack of understanding about the disease had led to a great deal of prejudice and a reluctance among parents to let their children study alongside those with HIV.
Mai said five children from the centre were allowed to attend 1st grade at her school four years ago but that they were forced to leave after a few days because of protests by parents of other schoolchildren.

Lawsuit accuses HIV/AIDS nonprofit of using DC grant to renovate warehouse that’s now strip club

WASHINGTON —The lawsuit was filed Tuesday by D.C. Attorney General Irvin Nathan. It alleges that Miracle Hands, Inc., and its executive director, Cornell Jones, improperly diverted nearly $330,000 in grant money for renovation work at two warehouses. Read More:

Pre-chewed food may pose HIV threat to infants

The Silent Revolution in Cancer and AIDS Medicine

The author, Dr. med. Heinrich Kremer, an experienced physician and clinical researcher, describes here worldwide for the first time how and why a cell becomes cancerous, what the real causes of the so-called AIDS disease are, and that cancer and AIDS are the result of an energetic exhaustion of the immune cells. Over 20 years of meticulous research work stand behind these findings, comprised of the most important scientific publications of orthodox medicine in the fields of immunology and cellular biochemistry since the end of WWII.
With this book, Dr. Kremer points out the absurdity of the HIV hypothesis, grounding his skepticism with rigorous science. However, the fact that this work thoroughly refutes the prevailing scholarly opinion that AIDS is caused by a mysterious virus—which to date nobody has been able to conclusively isolate—is but one of many of the book’s aspects. More essential is that Dr. Kremer presents a consistent therapeutic concept of Evolutionary-Biological medicine, for the first time substantiating that indeed all forms of cancer and even AIDS, can not only be stabilized but also healed.

Order from Amazon Also a link to an interview with Dr. Kremer

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fewer Chinese Testing For HIV

Beijing – Since the policy of anonymous testing was ended in Beijing, the number of people taking an HIV test in the capital has fallen dramatically, making detection and service delivery increasingly difficult.

Monday, August 29, 2011

L.A. area porn filming halted after performer tests positive for HIV

Members of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation protest
 about half a block from the XBiz Awards in
Hollywood earlier this year. (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

A trade group,Witch Hunt, notifies porn studios on Monday that a performer had tested positive and urged them to temporarily halt filming until further testing can be done.

An adult film performer has tested HIV positive,What different tests are used to test for HIV? prompting a temporary shutdown of productions across the Los Angeles area until further testing is completed.

Dean Clinic says patients may have been exposed to hepatitis, HIV

Posted |RON SEELY | | 608-252-6131 | 
As many as 2,345 Dean Clinic patients may have been exposed to the bloodborne illnesses hepatitis B and C and HIV because a diabetes nurse educator reused the handles of insulin demonstration pens and finger stick devices over a five-year period, from 2006 to 2011, clinic officials said Monday.

HIV-AIDS Is It A scam. Or What?

by Tom Valentine

All the money spent on HIV/AIDS demicsaround the world has fueled the sickest medical scam since vaccine promotion. It gives credence to the “conspiracy to lower world populations.”
I have not yet read this book, because I think I could have written it:
David Rasnick, an American biologist with impressive credentials ( wrote a novel “ Germ of lies” and this is his promo pitch:
When her best friend commits suicide on discovering she was HIV-positive, Core Fletcher, an attractive journalist, decides to investigate the validity of the publicly accepted theory of the cause of AIDS. Using her skills in reporting and scientific research, she begins her investigation in the institutions of healthcare, government and the media, to which the public has delegated all handling of the problem. Uncovering a tangle of fears, taboos, myths, greed, lust for power and privilege according to caste, she discovers that virtually everything the public has been told about AIDS is false, and is known to be false at the highest levels of Government, including the Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, and Centers for Disease Control. HIV is not in fact the cause of AIDS, and some scientists, despite severe obstacles, are exposing the biggest scientific, medical blunder of all time.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

SOUTH AFRICA: Policy turnaround on breastfeeding. "Confusion" surrounding infant feeding and the risk of HIV transmission.

PlusNews: Some people may think that it is mainly ARVs that kill people affected by HIV, but the provision of infant formula and the discouragement (or, in rich countries, legal banning) of breastfeeding may have quietly killed as many…“South Africa’s high child mortality rates have forced the government to rethink its policy on infant feeding and move to discontinue the free provision of formula milk at hospitals and clinics, as well as promote an exclusive breastfeeding strategy for all mothers, including those living with HIV…South Africa is one of only 12 countries in the world where infant mortality is rising. It also has one of the world’s lowest levels of exclusive breastfeeding: an estimated 8 percent, dropping to 1.5 percent for babies between four and six months old”…The downside is that this is being used as an excuse to provide ARVs to infants of HIV+ mothers, so if they don’t kill them one way, they will try another.

Indiana using inaccurate HIV consent forms

Document misstates both medical and legal reality
By Todd A. Heywood | 08.25.11
 Mirroring a situation in this state that was fixed by the Michigan Department of Community Health, at least some counties in the state of Indiana are using consent and acknowledgment forms for those who test positive for HIV that are medically and legally inaccurate.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


"...we are not simply contending in order that my view or that of yours may prevail, but I presume we ought both of us to be fighting for the truth..."  From Philebus, the Dialogues of Plato

It is currently accepted that a positive Western blot (WB) HIV antibody test is synonymous with HIV infection and the attendant risk of developing and dying from AIDS. In this communication we present a critical evaluation of the presently available data on HIV isolation and antibody testing. The available evidence indicates that: (a) the antibody tests are not standardised; (b) the antibody tests are not reproducible; (c) the WB proteins (bands) which are considered to be coded by the HIV genome and to be specific to HIV may not be coded by the HIV genome and may in fact represent normal cellular proteins; (d) even if the proteins are specific to HIV, because no gold standard has been used and may not even exist to determine specificity, a positive WB may represent nothing more than cross‑reactivity with the many non‑HIV antibodies present in AIDS patients and those at risk, and thus be unrelated to the presence of HIV. We conclude that the use of the HIV antibody tests as a diagnostic and epidemiological tool for HIV infection needs to be reappraised.

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New Book Shows There is Freedom from Homophobia and HIV Phobia


If a individual can’t change the tortures in life, they should alter the life about them. Composed from true life events and 10 years of perfecting this novel, This Shadow Follows Me, is a riveting fiction novel of Alec Andrews and the friends and family that faltered around him.
The fictional story begins with Alec Andrews at the death bed of his ex-boyfriend Troy who died from AIDS complications. Alec tries to tell his life story in hopes that he can make up for all that he could not tell Troy when he was alive. Alec?s life story lurks with the self destruction of a loved ones that drove him to crucify himself, in hopes they would be right with their religious beliefs. From a homophobic family members to a homophobic upbringing, Alec fights to find himself free from the illusions that capture him. The life of Alec Andrews is a survival story that will help the audience build strength in their own life challenges.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mother to Child Transmission of HIV and its Prevention with AZT and Nevirapine'


Positively False: Exposing the Myths Around HIV and AIDS

by Joan Shenton -   Facebook 
available on Amazon

Joan Shenton, a prize-winning medical journalist, was caught up in the dramatic David and Goliath battle between the AIDS orthodoxy and dissenters who have questioned the hypotheses of the orthodoxy. What startled Shenton, during her investigations for Channel 4 TV, was the shrill vehemence with which the scientific orthodoxy dismissed the work of other AIDS researchers who postulated the possibility that HIV was a harmless retro-virus, that AIDS was not an infectious condition and that, even if it were, it was not HIV which broke down a body's immune system but rather the toxic assault from drug abuse, drug 'treatments' for AIDS and, in haemophiliacs, impurities from repeated clotting factor transfusions.

In this book Shenton introduces scientists who maintain that HIV has never been isolated and that the HIV test is simply picking up proteins said to be specific to the virus, but which reside in all of us and happen to become raised when the body's immune system is compromised for other reasons. She has recorded an extra-ordinary account of the tyranny of orthodoxy imposed by some scientists and the pharmaceutical industry which, according to Shenton, has distorted and derailed the process of scientific inquiry, cost billions of misspent dollars for 'treatment' and mis-directed research funding, and condemned tens of thousands of individuals with the stigma and anxiety of an HlV-positive label. In the Third World, according to Shenton, millions of unfortunates are being falsely classified as HIV and AIDS victims who, because they 'are going to die anyway', are being denied treatment for their true ills brought on by poverty, deprivation and malnutrition.

Through her attempts to investigate AIDS research Shenton paints a fascinating picture of collusion between science and commerce. Her book makes a real contribution to our understanding of the debates surrounding HIV and AIDS and raises disturbing questions about the relationship between scientific analysis, public health and commercial interest.

Joan Shenton's medical journalism has included the production of 49 documentaries on health issues for network television, 7 on the HIV / AIDS issue. Two of her films on AIDS have received the Royal Television Society Journalism Award and a British Medical Association award. Shenton's programmes have been made for the BBC, Channel 4, Thames TV and Central TV.

Did You Know That HIV Tests Come Up Positive For HIV Test Components?

by Liam Scheff
Greetings Class;
Please take your seats. Michael, please stop bothering Cynthia. Susan, please stop showing your bottom to everyone.
Today, we’re going to review antibody testing for HIV, a reckless process used in the dark ages of medicine, in the late 20th and early 21st Century.
Let’s begin with handout A:
As you look for the term “cows, goats, babies”you will find a medical article on a ‘false positive’ in a baby humanoid. You will note that “heterophile” antibodies have caused this HIV test to be determined as “positive,” because of a reaction with cow and goat proteins:
“Heterophile antibodies are a well-recognized cause of erroneous results in immunoassays. We describe here a 22-month-old child with heterophile antibodies reactive with bovine [Cow] serum albumin and caprine [Goat] proteins causing false-positive results to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and other infectious serology testing.”

Bristol-Myers Squibb Announces the Winners of the 2011 REYATAZ(R) (atazanavir sulfate) "Fight HIV Your Way" Contest

Business Wire - August 15, 2011 Cristi Barnett, 609-252-6028

Ten First-Place Winner Stories Illustrating the Fight against HIV to be Expressed through a New Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Work
PRINCETON, N.J. - Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (NYSE: BMY) today announced the 10 first-place winners of the 2011 REYATAZ "Fight HIV Your Way" contest. The contest uses the power of words and visual arts as a platform to help raise awareness and lessen the stigma surrounding HIV. Bristol-Myers Squibb launched the 2011 contest on December 1, 2010 (World AIDS Day) and called for people infected with or affected by HIV to illustrate - through a photo and essay - how they fight HIV their way. The ten winning entries will now serve as inspiration for a new Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater work. Ailey will premiere the new work on World AIDS Day 2011, and it will be performed across the country as part of the Company's 2011-2012 season.
REYATAZ is a prescription medicine used in combination with other medicines to treat people 6 years of age and older who are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). REYATAZ should not be taken if patients are allergic to REYATAZ or to any of its ingredients.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The mission is simple: To get clean water to every single person who needs it. Interview with Jon Rose

Interview with Jon Rose - Features - Coast Magazine

Contaminated water kills 3.3 million people each year. Every 15 seconds, a child dies from water-related diseases.People living in impoverished areas die every day from drinking dirty water. While having access to clean water is a luxury that many of us take for granted, there are millions living in nations with no filtration systems in place. Kids drink from the same streams where animals bathe. In addition, there’s no clean water available for surgery if someone is injured, putting the wounded at risk of deathly infections.
While Waves 4 Water was conceived in the surf community, anyone who travels can help in a similar way. Waves 4 Water volunteers have successfully set up various types of filtration systems in Haiti, Indonesia, Bali, Pakistan, Samoa, and Chile. Each of these countries is being used as a model of success that can be applied worldwide.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

How Bananas and Herbs May Prevent the Transmission of HIV

There has been some buzz lately in the medical/science community about an article published in last year's issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, which announced findings that novel lectins found in bananas may help to prevent the transmission and spread of HIV. 
The study, originating from the University of Michigan, suggests that eventually many lives may be saved as a result of the development of Ban Lec, a concentrated extract of banana lectins. Lectins are proteins that bind to sugars. The HIV virus is contained in an “envelope” containing the sugar mannose. In laboratory studies, Ban Lec attached itself to the envelope of HIV, prohibiting its replication. Does this mean that eating bananas can help to prevent the transmission of HIV? Absolutely not. There is no evidence of any kind to suggest that eating bananas is any sort of a preventive factor in HIV infection. What this suggests is that Ban Lec, a highly concentrated lectin agent, may eventually prove beneficial in inhibiting HIV transmission.

Friday, August 19, 2011

HIV and AIDS Strengthening the Weakened Immune System

When human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) was first identified in 1981, it was thought to be a devastating disease—in essence, a death sentence. This outdated thinking has been replaced by an understanding of HIV/AIDS as a dangerous, but still treatable, disease. It is a communicable disease that can be spread in a number of ways, including transfusions of tainted blood, infected needles (usually from illegal intravenous drug use), and even from mother to fetus (Hirschel B 2003).
Highlights of this Articles:
Antioxidants: Protecting Yourself :Alpha-lipoic acid, Beta-carotene, Green tea, Selenium, Vitamin C, N-acetylcystein, Whey

Boosting the Immune System: CoQ10, L-carnitine, L-glutamine, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Magnesium

Fighting the Virus: Natural Approaches : Lactoferrin, Olive leaf extract, Licorice root extract, Thymus-gland boosters, Milk thistle extract

Restoring Hormone Balance: Low serum levels of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), Cortisol, Growth hormone, Melatonin, Testosterone, Thymosin alpha-1

No shots, No School, Not True! Vaccines and Children.

These are photos of the first two billboards, which went up in Evansville, Indiana yesterday. They will run for 9 days.

Dear Richard: HIV - When to Ask, When to Tell

Dear Richard,
I'm HIV positive.  I've been dating this guy for about two months. He's 25, I'm 28, and I assume he’s HIV negative.
He's amazing. He's so full of life, so exciting to be around, and totally not jaded like a lot of other guys in New York. We met through mutual friends, would hang out with everyone in the group, but then started seeing each other. It soon became clear we were dating.
Then last night we hooked up for the first time. It was so spontaneous and so right, but as it was happening I just didn't have the heart to say anything. I was scared—to ruin what was growing between us, or to have that group of friends possibly find out about me. It was just nice to be dating someone and not think about it for a while.
Now I’m worried I’ve messed everything up. I feel like I should have said something sooner, but because I didn’t I worry he’s going to hate me for it, or feel betrayed or something. What do I do?
Hurting My Honey

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A New Plan To Mutate HIV Out Of Existence

From Terry Michael: Another forthcoming miracle from The HIV-AIDS Industry....

Excerpt: "What we can say clearly is that there is not a sense of urgency. Collectively [the big pharmaceutical companies] are quite happy to just to let things kind of evolve on their own, and they're not particularly interested in figuring out how to change the overall standard of care."


Instead of simply blocking HIV from replicating, a new drug in trial stages causes it to mutate. If it works, it could eventually fully eliminate HIV in people who have the disease, freeing them from a lifetime of drugs.

And Terry Notes that even the brain-dead mainstream sees greed writ large:

But as the tests continue, Koronis may run into problems forming partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies that are happy with the current state of the HIV drug market. “The business model is predicated on the chronic application of drugs that have very high margins,” says Koronis CEO Don Elmer. “What we can say clearly is that there is not a sense of urgency. Collectively [the big pharmaceutical companies] are quite happy to just to let things kind of evolve on their own, and they’re not particularly interested in figuring out how to change the overall standard of care.” Despite this, Koronis has had ongoing interactions with six of the seven largest pharmaceutical companies for the better part of the last decade.

HIV is big business. The market for HIV drugs is currently $14 billion, and in the U.S., there is an average lifetime cost of $600,000 per patient for antiretroviral drugs. But while antiretrovirals generally succeed at suppressing HIV and preventing the virus from replicating, they have some major downsides: cost, toxic side effects, and the fact that patients have to remain on them for a lifetime. And with 25 million out of the 33 million people currently infected going without any treatment at all (mostly because of lack of access), there clearly need to be better options.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HIV drug-prevention strategy carries risks

So i guess now governments dont' want us having sex?
Human behaviour complicates prophylactic measures.

Public-health workers in Thika, Kenya, perform a skit to advertise a prophylactic HIV drug trial.Public-health workers in Thika, Kenya, perform a skit to advertise a prophylactic HIV drug trial.Partners PrEP study
When the US Food and Drug Administration approved Viagra in 1998, officials never considered one possible side effect of the drug: higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases among men who, thanks to Viagra, would become more sexually active. A powerful tool in the fight against HIV is raising similar questions about the possibility of unintended public-health consequences if drugs are approved for use in healthy people and cause them to alter their behaviour.
Several studies in the past year have reported that the very drugs used to treat people with HIV can also stop healthy people from becoming infected (see table). But people taking the drugs may adopt riskier behaviours because they feel protected — a phenomenon known as 'risk disinhibition' — undermining the benefit of the drugs and potentially infecting others. Moreover, those who become infected while taking the preventive regimen might develop drug-resistant viruses that they could then transmit to others. "You have this wonderful scientific breakthrough," says Kevin Frost, chief executive of the Foundation for AIDS Research in New York City. "But what are the practical implications?"

Goat Blood HIV Cure Said to Be $20M Scam

 (CN) - The Securities and Exchange Commission claims the makers of a so-called HIV treatment made from goat's blood bilked investors of $20 million while concealing that the Food and Drug Administration had twice put human trials of the drug on hold.
     The SEC says Immunosyn Corp. called its drug SF-1019, and claimed it could treat a variety of diseases, including AIDS, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, diabetic neuropathy and diabetic ulcers.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sex sells HIV=AIDS, Dr. Frank Spinelli

Sex sells HIV=AIDS and the "life-saving-treatments" to gay men. You can also get Sculptra
from this doctor--to counteract facial wasting (lipoatrophy) from the toxic chemotherapy HE prescribed.
Get a medical degree, be very good-looking, and you, too, can peddle Sculptra to your HAART victims.
HIV "Doctor" Frank Spinelli Meet Dr. Frank Spinelli

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gay Blood Ban Finds Support: Naperville Anti-Gay Group Pushes To Uphold Policy

Though the Naperville, Ill.-based anti-gay group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) recently lost their 501(c)3, tax-exempt organizational status, the group, officially designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center last year, is keeping busy with a new campaign to uphold the federal ban against gay blood donors.
AFTAH's campaign, called "Keep the Gay Blood Ban" or "KGB²," was announced last Friday. The campaign urges individuals to contact their senators and congressmen "to put the safety of Americans — and a pristine blood supply — ahead of the demands of the selfish Homosexuality Lobby." The group urges, further, for Congress to embark on an "investigation into the health hazards of homosexual behaviors (just as the government studied the dangers of smoking)."
As AFTAH president Peter LaBarbera hints at, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Serviceshas taken steps in the last year toward dismantling the gay blood ban, which has been on the books since 1983, according to the Washington Independent. In 2010, some 40 members of U.S. Congress, led by Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.), called for the department to lift the ban. Just last month, the department announced that they had begun a comprehensive evaluation of doing just that.