Saturday, February 26, 2011

Seth Kalichman Gets It Wrong Again, Forgetting to Check the Facts

Whatever the views of University of Connecticut psychology professor Seth Kalichman on HIV and AIDS, he should not be allow to score points on the deaths of others. He seems very much to enjoy doing this -- as if he is so concerned about the death of Emery Taylor, a man who chose, for his own reasons, not to follow Dr. Kalichman's views on HIV and AIDS treatments. Why doesn't Dr. Kalichman post about the other side of the coin? People have died every day from the toxicities of AIDS-related drugs.
Emery Taylor
We all know that no one dies from any separate condition called AIDS; AIDS is just a re-labeling of already existing diseases, as defined by the country you live in. Why doesn't Mr. Kalichman act fairly? Getting his information from, apparently, Mr. Taylor's Facebook page is not sound academic research and not the least bit convincing. If Dr. Kalichman were not so lazy, perhaps he could post the death certificates of people defined to have HIV and what they list as the causes of death.  Then we might have something to talk about.

Also, Dr. Kalichman owes a huge apology to Brian Carter, who is alive and in good health, not "the late Brian Carter."  This is another example of Dr. Kalichman's stalking of private citizens on the Internet, calling it research, on behalf of a publicly funded university.
Brian Carter (very alive and Well)


  1. I love it.

    What's really hilarious is that Kalichman is still so deep in a state of denial over Brian being alive that he's buying into conspiracy theories straight out of the script of the movie "Weekend at Bernie's". He's convinced that the co-moderators of QuestioningAIDS are using Brian's account as a sock puppet in a desperate attempt to pretend that Brian isn't dead.

    Laptop computer: $1,500

    Broadband internet connection: $40/month

    Blogspot account: Free

    Showing the whole world how far you can stick your head up your Kalichman: Priceless

  2. Also, you forgot to mention that he didn't even get Emery's age right -- he was 30 when he died, not 28.

    Kalichman was in such a rush to crow about the "good news" of another human being's death that he didn't even bother to get the guy's age right.

  3. Elizabeth Ely: Thanks for your comments, David. This is a professor at a public, tax-funded university, parading his spying on people on Facebook and elsewhere as research. Declaring live people dead? Declaring all deceased persons who at any point questioned their AIDS diagnosis dead of AIDS? Somewhere in the world, accountability starts and b.s. ends. It ends here. I'm tired of all sound and fury, emotional anguish over this bullying, signifying nothing: They will deliver facts, evidence, and solid research, or face public criticism.

  4. If not given some undeserved automatic credibility by virtue of his dubious academic standing Kalichman would be regarded as a buffoon and his psychodynamic jugglings a ridiculous fiction.