Monday, September 12, 2011

McDonald’s Pushes Dangerous Vaccinations On School Kids

Submitted by Lois Rain,
We can expect to see an even bigger vaccine campaign this fall and winter. The media and medical push is in full throttle.
Now McDonald’s is lending a helping hand to government and health organizations with an effort called “Immunize for healthy lives.” See the picture below.
Kind of ironic when considering McDonald’s already successful enormous campaign to push junk food as substantial cuisine. So in addition to delectable saturated fats, additives, hydrogenated oils, and refined flours and sugars, consumers can now fill up on their vaccine indoctrination.

Did you know that McDonald’s is now offering their very own specialty business degrees?
~Health Freedoms

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  1. I posted this article on the facebook page: Australian Vaccination Network. Look at the responses posted:

    David Synerposted toStop the Australian Vaccination Network
    McDonald’s Pushes Dangerous Vaccinations On School Kids
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    Julian Edward Frost Obvious antivaxx troll is obvious.
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    Dave Colemansen Please keep up the helpful and informative work David, I think you onto something with you diagnostic pathology denial.
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    Peter Tierney Be nice if you presented a tidbit of evidence to back up your initial premise that they are "Dangerous Vaccinations". Is McDonalds distributing the original Smallpox vaccine? I would have a problem with that.
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    Dave Colemansen Check out the menu Peter, I think they have introduced a new vaccine burger. Now with extra smallpox.
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    John Cunningham Hmmm. That was dull.
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    Amy Ives Can I get mine with something else? I don't like smallpox.
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    Sian Morton My computer wouldn't let me connect properly with his page and told me there were security issues.
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    Rhianna Miles Not sure which "dangerous" vaccines are being referred to. Perhaps the implication is that in addition to Business degrees, McDonalds is somehow forcing phase 1 vaccine trials within their restaurants........otherwise, I'm fairly happy that the marketed vaccines have been proven to be safer than the risk of the diseases
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    Sian Morton I'll pass on the fries though, thanks anyway.
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    Deb Hodgkin What? McDonalds is being a good corporate citizen and supporting public health initiatives? How dare they threaten my childish, kneejerk prejudices!
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    Wendy Wilkinson ‎*may contain traces of nuts*
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    David Syner Funny Sian, what do i care if you want to poison your children? and Dave ..HAHA.
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    Scott Hansen Please elaborate on "... poison your children?".
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    Wendy Wilkinson Yes David, I can't see the context of your remark to Sian. And some evidence for your claims would be nice. Those are the rules, remember? Make claims, provide evidence.
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    Sian Morton I certainly seem to be attracting the 'interesting people' this week! Time for a holiday I think.
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    Sian Morton Julian, I seriously did not pick that up. Der. I need a better troll sensor. I think mine has been damaged by friendly fire.
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    Skye Mentjox ‎* severe and adverse reactionto nut*
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    David Syner Sian, did you just delete the email you sent me: "Oh i get it. you are an idiot. You simply cannot conceive of the ontempt with which i regard you." how sad. I post what i thought was an intersting article..and you can't have a dialog you have to private email me and call me names.