Monday, October 10, 2011

Looking for long term survivors in the struggle against the HIV virus and AIDS for the end of a New Film's gallery

We have come almost to the end of the making of "Positively False - birth of a heresy", a 90 minute feature length documentary. I attach a brief synopsis of the film.

The film will be premiered in the US in Washington DC on 2nd December at the Rethinking AIDS Conference, RA2011.

We would like to include at the end of the film a gallery of long term survivors in the struggle against the tyranny of the virus/AIDS hypothesis.

We would be grateful if you would agree to be included in this gallery by sending us your name, a photograph of yourselves and a few lines about your situation.

  • When did you test antibody positive?
  • Did you try to avoid taking antivirals? Did you succeed?
  • How is your health now?
Positively False - Birth of a Heresy
 traces the challenge over the
past 25 years to the scientific orthodoxy which maintains that HIV is the
cause of AIDS.

Joan Shenton reaches back to 1987 through her extensive archive of
broadcast and non-broadcast video material and combines it with current
footage. She shows how dissident scientists, journalists and activists
have voiced their concerns about the way the infectious hypothesis for
AIDS took over from the toxic one and highlights the impact the dogma
surrounding a viral cause for AIDS has had on people's lives. The film
travels through Africa, Europe and the United States revealing the way
plague terror, financial objectives and scientific skullduggery have led to
tragic examples of toxicity and death from antiviral drugs, social stigma,
broken families, fear of sex, homophobia and imprisonment.

Positively False - birth of a heresy is produced by the Immunity
Resource Foundation in Association with Yellow Productions.

Joan Shenton and Andi Reiss

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  1. Andy Lindsay , Scotland , 46 yrs old , tested positive on an antibody test in 85 , negative for hiv virus in 92 and 93 , four years before starting meds. Was never told he tested negative for hiv virus , found out by checking his medical records in july 2011 . Quit all meds in february 2010 after reading about Gallo / Montagnier and the fraud. HIV only exists in name. Alive and well , healthier , happier and now having a quality of life. Cheers , Andy ,