Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Positively False" – HIV and AIDS Documentary - London Screening and Q & A

Positively False – Birth of a Heresy. Joan Shenton reaches back to 1987 through her extensive archive of broadcast and non-broadcast video material on HIV and AIDS combining it with current footage.
In this documentary dissident scientists, journalists and activists are voicing their concerns about the way the infectious hypothesis for AIDS took over from the toxic one and highlights the impact the dogma surrounding a viral cause for AIDS has had on people’s lives. The film travels through Africa, Europe and the United States revealing the way plague terror, financial objectives and scientific skullduggery have led to tragic examples of toxicity and death from antiviral drugs, social stigma, broken families, fear of sex, homophobia and imprisonment. Positively False – Birth of a Heresy is produced by Meditel Productions Ltd andThe Immunity Resource Foundation in association with Yellow Productions. 

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  1. The medical establishment will have you believe that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) is some sort of mysterious illness, but it’s no mystery to me; CFS/ME leads to HIV-Negative AIDS, idiopathic CD lympocytopena (ICL), a clinical diagnosis that I possess.

    How can the AIDS establishment continue with a stale "it's caused by HIV" theory when there are ICL cases cited in m......edical journals dating back to 1992? While millions of ailing immunodeficient CFS/ME patients get belittled and neglected, perfectly healthy HIV+ people are allocated billions of dollars in taxpayer money. How can it make sense to anyone?

    I demand a CFS/HIV revolution. Vive La Revolución.

    To learn more about non-HIV AIDS (and my medical plight), please visit: