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POLICE ARREST HIV POSITIVE PEOPLE In Greece, publish photos, name and address - THEN FORCED INTO CAMPS

done for political motivated? public health concern?
"At least one thousand men had apparently never heard anything about AIDS and the use of condoms. One thousand men had most probably thought that AIDS is something like a seasonal flue."

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Thank God there are elections in Greece from time to time. Then some ministers zealously try to make things work an dprove that they have earned the title they got. One of elections 2012 slogan has been ‘sweep downtown Athens’. A bit due to real interest, a bit due to the rising of extreme-right Chrysi Avgi and residents of downtown Athens who are fed up with the hoards of illegal immigrants.

In coordinated actions, health and law enforcement units stormed basement appartments filled with illegal immigrants. They undergwent health tests and put into camps. In order to restore the reputation of Athens historical centre that was delivered to outcasts (drug junkies, illegal immigrants and prostitutes). After the immigrants were put into the camps, the second stage of cleaning Athens started: Get rid of the whores.

And then what a shock! One 22-year-old Russian woman was found to be HIV positive. Police urgently published her name and picture in the context of a “warning campaign” to her customers. More than 1,000 men in panic called the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) within 48 hours and declared they had unprotected sex with the woman. They wanted to undergo an AIDS test.
At least one thousand men had apparently never heard anything about AIDS and the use of condoms. One thousand men had most probably thought that AIDS is something like a seasonal flue. Once we don’t hear about it, it doesn’t exist…
According to Greek media, these men had even dug deeper in their pockets for a condom-free intercourse. The normal charging was 20 euro. Ten for the woman, seven for her pimp and three for the brothel owner. Did the men pay 5-10 euro more just to get a deadly virus? We will never find out and it is not important either.
No need to puzzle about whether the men had made any thoughts about human trafficking and sex slaves. I bet, they haven’t. No need to puzzle about the health status of the mens’ wives and girlfriends. Have they confessed their ”sin”?
What’s the mathematical formula for the direct and indirect AIDS infection-multiplicand? 1 woman x 1,000 men x ???? =….
On Tuesday morning another HIV-shock alarmed the male residents of this country’s capital: 12 more prostitutes (11 Greeks, 1 Bulgarian) were tested positive on HIV. At least for the Greek prostitutes it has been said that they were drug addicts. Who didn’t work at a brothelbut on the streets, in the area of Omonia Square.
The police and the KEELPNO defended the publishing of the Russian’s medical record and other personal data with the “protection/prevention of public health.” Do we have to expect to see the pictures of 11 Greek junkies on our TV screens?
After the success of exposing the danger of AIDS via the Russian woman, Health Minister Andreas Loverdos said that he had repeatedly warned of the existence of AIDS in Greece, and that the partial source of the problems was illegal immigration an illegal prostitution.”
Why taking the measures just short before the elections? Better late than never….
UPDATE: On Sunday evening police published the full names, names of parents and birth place and the  pictures of the 12 women (10 Greeks, 1 Bulgarian, 1 Polish). 2-3 of these women are homeless. Police gave also the adresses of the women who had a permanent residentence.
This action sparked a again a debate, with at lea one news programme (SKAI TV, Kosioni) refusing to publish them.

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