Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fear of HIV drives AZ man to kill wife, son

A Goodyear man is charged with two counts of first-degree murder after police said he
admitted to stabbing his wife and 27-year-old son to death.
Gino Maraventano, 62, called 911 on Saturday and told dispatchers what he had done. Investigators said he committed the murders four days before notifying police.
During a police interview, he told investigators he had been plotting to kill his 63-year-old wife, Janet, and then commit suicide after she tested negative for cancer two weeks ago.
Gino Maraventano said Janet Maraventano was sick and he thought he might have given her AIDS or some other sexually transmitted disease because of his secret past with prostitutes.
HIV testing cannot detect "HIV" itself 
According to the police report, Gino Maraventano grabbed a knife with a 14-inch blade from the kitchen and stabbed his wife while she slept in their bed.
Gino Maraventano told police he then went to his son Bryan's room and cut his throat. According to the police report, he said the 27-year-old didn't have a girlfriend and he thought he was disabled because he couldn't get a job, therefore, he didn't think the young man could make it on his own.
One of the Maraventano's neighbors, named Phil, told CBS 5 News his friend must have been in a dark place.
"It's tragic and not the man I knew. I don't think he's the man he wanted to be. Until he confessed it I didn't want to believe it. There is not one inkling of 'I saw this coming.' There is none of that with Gino," said Phil.
Gino Maraventano tried to take his life. He told police he cut his wrists and taped a plastic bag around his head, but it didn't work.
He remains behind bars.

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