Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A New York Times opinion section "debate" about Truvada and so-called "Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis" or "PrEP."

In one of their "Room for Debate" features, The Opinion Pages of The New York Times 

June 17 chose five mostly HIV-AIDS Industry likely suspects to "debate" use of Gilead's toxic chemotherapy Truvada for so-called "PrEP."
Is a Pill Enough to Fight H.I.V.?
It wasn't much of a "debate," more akin to: "French fries: possibly fattening, pretty much OK, or really f'king great?"  The missing position:"You're poisoning yourself, stupid!"
All of the so-called "clinical trial research" on PrEP was confirmation biased with deck-stacked results. The FDA just threw out two studies on African women that showed zero "protection" and used two studies with intended "results"--on African discordant straight couples and Third World gay males (half prostitutes.)  The results were then creatively massaged, manipulated, and wildly exaggerated. The intended effect was achieved. With little more than 6 months of consideration, in mid-2012 the FDA fast-tracked permission for Gilead Sciences to hawk its highly profitable ($1,000+/month) Truvada chemotherapy in HIV NEGATIVES. And that was followed last month by the CDC giving its official imprimatur to Truvada for PrEP and recommending it for "risk groups."

For an "HIV negative" to take daily chemotherapy, "side effects" of which are plainly printed on the Truvada package inserts ( , is just insane. It would be like taking a powerful anti-biotic every single day because you think you might sometime be exposed to gonorrhea. You would be destroying the good bacteria in your gut that helps you absorb nutrients and fend off real pathogens. And it would be obvious malpractice for a physician to write a prescription for such use.

Below is a link to my deconstruction of the path to PrEP, noting the role NIAID director-for-life Dr. Anthony Fauci played in helping his friends at Gilead market their toxic chemo. The piece reveals how figures lied and liars figured, in the phony clinical trials:
AIDS war profiteering.NIH Fauci and Gilead Martin. Junk science and oligarchic capitalism.
--Terry Michael

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