Friday, November 11, 2011

Clinic Wrongly Told A D.C. Man He Was HIV-Positive

DC Man Files Lawsuit Claiming Whitman-Walker Clinic Wrongly Told Him He Was HIV-Positive

WASHINGTON - A D.C. man says he walked around for five years thinking he was HIV-positive when he was actually not. Terry Hedgepeth says he was misdiagnosed in 2000 by the Whitman-Walker Clinic. He says the misdiagnosis drove him into a deep depression.

In 2005, a friend suggested he seek holistic healing. He went to the Abundant Life Center where he was tested and told he was HIV-negative. A third round of testing at Johns Hopkins confirmed it. Hedgepeth launched a lawsuit, but it was thrown out because the law said you could only sue if there was physical injury. Then just last week, a D.C. Appeals Court expanded the law to include emotional injury and gave Hedgepeth the green light to sue.

A lawyer for Whitman-Walker released a statement saying they are looking carefully at the ruling before making their next move in the pending legal matter.

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