Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kimberly Bergalis: One of The AIDS Media and PR Machine’s Many Victims


Via a very industrious colleague on Facebook, who is compiling known cases of people who died from ARV drugs and or what we once called “nukes,” (first generation AIDS drugs; AZT, DDi, D4t etc) comes this stirring video about Kimberly Bergalis, who was on all three, I believe, and died as one would, from three forms of simultaneous chemotherapy
–a truly macabre death which she described in Time or Newsweek. I remember at the time that she detailed in the article which drugs she took, and which symptoms of escalating “AIDS” she got thereupon, (she described it all as “AIDS”) yet it was so clear what was killing this young girl: The chemotherapeutic agents she was taking. Acccording to Peter Duesberg and others, Bergalis tested positive for HIV during a time that she had a yeast infection. A yeast infection is not trivial; It is a sign of a struggling immune system, overrun by candida. Those with weak immune systems can test positive for “HIV,” but the sequence of cause and effect is inverted. Bergalis was clearly killed by the early 90s, primitive and uninformed belief system about “AIDS, and by the chemotherapy drugs she was given.
From Wikipedia: The time between Bergalis’ dental procedure and the development of AIDS (24 months)[11] was short; 1% of infected homosexual/bisexual men[12] and 5% of infected transfusion recipients[13] develop AIDS within 2 years of infection.
It’s time to re-visit some of these cases, unravel them in light of what we now know. For example:
There are no documented cases of any health care worker in the United States since 1984 transmitting HIV to a patient. Bergalis was branded in the media hysteria as the first case of dentist to patient transmission, as she had a tooth extracted by her dentist, Dr. Acer, who we were told “died of AIDS.” He might have, or he might have also died of a positive test followed by a deadly nuke regimen. This I do not know.
But if you watch this video–such a period piece–you can see, can’t you, how all these people are having a kind of collective hallucination? The idea that AIDS is caused by a single deadly pathogen that can be transmitted in a single unfortunate moment from one person to another is the most successful and destructive medical hallucination this culture has ever encountered. Precisely because the disease, in this case, is not attached to itself–to a disease. It is an idea (a fear, belief–conviction) of a disease to come, a death to come, in the imminent future, following an anti-body test that has now been shatteringly discredited, most recently by the documentary film House of Numbers.
For this reason I have said that AIDS is like the monetary system: It is the first debt-based disease. You are indebted to the illness, the terms of it, its mortgage, before you “get” it. You owe it your happiness and freedom of life and thought every single day as soon as you wake until you fall asleep.
Remember when diseases were actual, physically evident, corporeal? Had consistent symptoms?
Well, that’s really retro, old world, not at all in keeping with post-modernism.
Ask yourself: What profit projections could the Pharmaceutical industry possibly make on actual illnesses that have to actually make an appearance before they are treated? That’s like Waiting For Godot, as far as markets are concerned.
All the action is in the Hedge.

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