Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Questions you need to ask yourself (or others) about HIV

-why thousands of people with full-blown aids tested HIV negative?
 -why HIV cannot be cultured in people with detectable viral load?
-why aren't there any controlled studies showing how aids occurs in absence of other possible non-HIV causal factors?
-Where are the papers that prove HIV exists as an infectious virus ?
-Why do ABBOTT have a disclaimer saying at present , there is no standard for establishing the presence or absence of HIV in human blood ?
-Can you show HIV virus to me in my blood ?
-Why are HIV antibody tests not to be used to diagnose ?
-Why are PCR tests not to be used to diagnose ?
-Do HIV Antigen tests detect a virus ?
-If the above tests are not to be used to diagnose and cant diagnose because of an absence , and there are no clinical conditions , how can a doctor give you a clinical diagnosis ?
-It doesn't really matter if 'HIV' is sexually transmitted or infectious. I would be asking: Describe the mechanism by which HIV, directly or indirectly, kills cells, and please cite the references that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, any cell-killing ability attributed to 'HIV

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  1. I do believe those are some of the questions i put forward to a fb page :-))

    If antibodies are good things , and pharma make hiv drugs on the basis you tested positive on one of their antibody tests , guess what those drugs are gonna do.

    Not only that , this is why the antibody test kits have a disclaimer and why HIV Antigen tests do not detect an infectious virus in the blood thats said to infect cells.