Thursday, June 14, 2012

A 'positive' test result only indicates the presence of normal human stress-protein

Reminder. A 'positive' test result only indicates the presence of normal human stress-proteins. There may be a lot of them, in order to reach the cutoff point and be declared 'positive', but that is not an immunity problem.

Quote from the book "AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire. The Deadly virus of International Greed" by Dr. Nancy Banks.

1984: Bob Gallo announces his creation of an HIV antibody test. Due to their short life span, the T-cells of the AIDS patients were not suitable for mass production of similar natured antigens, and an actual retrovirus could not be isolated, so immortal human leukemia cells were co-cultivated and co-stimulated with the cell culture. Gallo claimed that the allegedly isolated retrovirus had passed into the leukemia cells; the end result was that these normal human stress-proteins could be mass-produced and sold as test-kit antigens. This deceptive procedure was patented by Bob Gallo.(Gilles St-Pierre)

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