Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Official Stories" New Book out by Liam Scheff

"Few explanatory journalists think or write like Liam Scheff.  That’s too bad.  The Progressive Era’s crusade to replace a partisan press with theoretically truth-vetted journalism was noble, but mis-guided. Progressives replaced tainted partisanship with faith-based reliance on oxymoronic social science “expertise” and with rule books interpreted by unaccountable bureaucrats–culprits who tell those Official Stories. Their tales are often convenient lies to mask ignorance, fear and greed, to cover the asses of officials who tell them. But these official versions are used also by “objective” journalists to cover their own rear ends, to get stories past editors by quoting authorities instead of doing their own research. Liam Scheff debunks official lies about things like “HIV” and “AIDS” with simple, research-informed language, proving you don’t need advanced degree or keys to temples jealously guarded by the new Science and Medicine gods, who have replaced priests and princes as enforcers of Truth.  Scheff writes with revealing and entertaining satire.  His is a work I’ll recommend to the future political reporters I try to teach about the increased politicizing – and corruption – of science and medicine." - Terry Michael, Director, Washington Center for Politics & Journalism

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