Monday, March 11, 2013

Black gay men run higher risk of HIV infection despite fewer partners

by Terry Michael
From the same 20th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (Atlanta, March 2013) that gave us the "HIV" baby "cure," we get another attempt to explain-away the exponential difference of "HIV positive" rates between African Americans and Caucasians (7x for black males, 20x for back females, according to the CDC.)

If it's a sexually and intravenously transmitted pathogen, there's a word for those 7x and 20x claims, including the "HIV heterosexual pandemic" in Africa, and it's racism.  South Africa's former President Thabo Mbeki recognized the hallucinations of white medicine men about the sexual practices of dark-skinned people. Latter-day "bearers of the white man's burden" exported to deepest, darkest Africa both the "origin of HIV" (transferred to gay white males in Greenwich Village via black-skinned people in Haiti, of course) and the "HIV epidemic" that never occurred in the white heterosexual West.
Their nonsense includes a preposterous assertion that lack of circumcision in African males spreads "HIV disease" among heterosexuals on the continent--despite the fact that 90% of European males are uncircumcised and there has never been a heterosexual epidemic of AIDS in Europe.How much rocket science brilliance does it take for the HIV "experts" to figure out that the incidence of proteins found in the anti-body assays called "HIV tests"--which do not test for presence of an active pathogenic virus--is manifestation of a complex web of conditions of poverty, genetic factors, exposure to old diseases and toxins, and environmental stressors. In fact, "positive" rates for blacks partly reflect the high incidence of "testing" into which African Americans are pushed, to capture them as local government revenue sources and drug customers.

With my own eyes, I have witnessed middle-aged African Americans lining up for $15 cash payments in return for taking an "HIV test" at a Safeway supermarket parking lot near my house on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC this past summer (2012), from a "test-mobile" operated by "the Carl Vogel Center," one of about one hundred DC metro area HIV-AIDS "non-profits"--which actually profit heavily from government grants and drug company gifts. The Carl Vogel Center had revenue of $2 million in 2011 and three-fourths of it came from the DC government's HIV agency, from mostly federal funds. The DC government has engaged in a virtual orgy of testing in the past several years--because more positive tests mean more federal revenue (as explained below.)

An organization called--and this is a true fact--"Metro TeenAIDS" (!) in Washington has received at least two $100,000 grants from Gilead Sciences, the biggest purveyor of the toxic chemotherapy. Gilead had about $8 billion in 2012 sales in a now-$20 billion international "anti-retroviral" drug market. Metro TeenAIDS was a $3.2 million organization in 2010 (IRS Form 990)in mostly African-American DC. It received $1.9 million of that income (sixty percent) from the Washington, DC HIV administration. And Metro TeenAIDS recently offered debit style "gift cards" to teens willing to take an "HIV test!"

As new HIV "positives" are captured, government HIV-AIDS agencies get thousands of dollars more from federal programs like the $2 billion Ryan White Act. And with each new "HIV positive," Gilead and the other sellers of the chemotherapy get a potential new customer, for $12,000/year drugs like Truvada. Most of their revenue can be traced to various federal medical benefit programs, like AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) created by politicians in Washington, who are lobbied by "AIDS advocates." These advocates are the very "non-profits" directly and indirectly funded by the local agencies and the drug companies, as in the examples above. The mainstream media seldom blow the whistle on these sweetheart arrangements, though a Washington Post investigative piece in 2009 revealed some of the corruption: The Squandering of DC's AIDS Dollars

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