Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cancer, diabetes are becoming equal opportunity killers worldwide more so than HIV

Not long ago, the focus of medical humanitarian concern and aid in the developing world were communicable diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, typhoid and HIV/AIDS. And even though they still get the majority of press time, it turns out that these are no longer the major causes of death – not by a long stretch. by Dominika Osmolska Psy.D.
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  1. David,
    Thanks for sharing this. When I was making my own documentary about HIV/AIDS I was surprised to discover that AIDS was not the leading cause of death in underdeveloped countries despite the media attention it got and continues to get. I realize how important research is, but I wonder to what extent other, far more prevalent illnesses and conditions -malaria, TB, cancer and malnutrition - get upstaged by the AIDS political/media campaign. Did you ever explore this in your documentary?
    Jennifer Wolfe