Saturday, June 25, 2011

Understanding HIV Testing, for Beginners

May 10, 2011 by Liam Scheff
RTB: HIV Tests have no standards, and come up positive for nearly every disease known to humankind, if you bother to read the medical literature on the subject. But this information is never offered to patients, or to the general public by the media.

The implications of these facts are profound – millions and millions of people have been robbed of their lives, their freedom, health and medical choice by these absolutely fraudulent tests.
But all of this typically fails to convey the reality of receiving an unethical, but enforced “HIV diagnosis.” So, let us present our little play, here on RTB theater:

You Are Under Arrest, For Life (an HIV Test Parable)

by Liam Scheff
A cop comes to your door, knocks and tells you that you’re under arrest for a terrible crime – a sexual crime which will result in the death of someone.
You say, “but I’ve committed no crime.”
The officer says, “We’re in charge of determining who has and has not committed a crime.”
You say, “How do you know you have the right person?”
“We have a description.”
“Of me?”
“Of… someone with some of your characteristics, we think.”
“You think?”
“We don’t have any actual photos, or standard descriptions in that regard, but we’re sure it’s you, because you were listed as a probable suspect.”
“How was I listed as a… a what?”
“You were listed as an ‘at risk’ suspect, actually for years.”
“How’s that?”
“Because you’re in the database as ‘at risk.’ I don’t make the rules, I’m just reading what’s there. It’s official.”
“Can I appeal? I didn’t commit any crime!”
“No, once you’re listed, and in the database, and if we think you’re guilty, then you’re guilty forever, for life, and you can be prosecuted for any sex-murder crime.”
You pause, and think, as the handcuffs go on.
“Is someone dead? Is that why I’m being arrested?”
The officer answers, “No, no one is dead - not yet. But we’re arresting you because someday, someone might be, and that will be your fault, according to the database…”
You panic. The blood leaves your face. You slump and are carried out of your house.
You’ve been…
“HIV Tested.”
Learn more about HIV Testing here and here, and Tell Your “HIV” Doctor to Go Learn about it too…

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