Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Silent Revolution in Cancer and AIDS Medicine

The author, Dr. med. Heinrich Kremer, an experienced physician and clinical researcher, describes here worldwide for the first time how and why a cell becomes cancerous, what the real causes of the so-called AIDS disease are, and that cancer and AIDS are the result of an energetic exhaustion of the immune cells. Over 20 years of meticulous research work stand behind these findings, comprised of the most important scientific publications of orthodox medicine in the fields of immunology and cellular biochemistry since the end of WWII.
With this book, Dr. Kremer points out the absurdity of the HIV hypothesis, grounding his skepticism with rigorous science. However, the fact that this work thoroughly refutes the prevailing scholarly opinion that AIDS is caused by a mysterious virus—which to date nobody has been able to conclusively isolate—is but one of many of the book’s aspects. More essential is that Dr. Kremer presents a consistent therapeutic concept of Evolutionary-Biological medicine, for the first time substantiating that indeed all forms of cancer and even AIDS, can not only be stabilized but also healed.

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