Thursday, August 4, 2011

iCondom app aims to help eradicate AIDS and HIV

The free iCondom app wants to create a global distribution map for condom vendors so people find protection and limit the spread of AIDS, HIV and STDs
Ben Griffin Published on Aug 3, 2011
An application has been released that has a very noble mission in mind - it's designed to help limit the spread of AIDS, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.
iCondom - your condom dispenser locator!, which is the work of MTV Staying Alive, a global HIV awareness and prevention campaign and charity, and Morgane Danielou, founder of iCondom, has two main functions.
The first is the ability to add the location of a condom seller for other people to use. The second is a map that shows you exactly where and how far away your nearest vendor is.

The aim is to help help people find condoms, hopefully limiting the spread of AIDS, HIV and other STDs in the process.
Georgia Arnold, senior vice president of Viacom International Media NetworksInternational and the executive director of the Staying Alive Foundation said in the press release: 'An estimated 5 million 15 to 24 year olds are living with HIV and 2,500 young people are infected with HIV each day.
'We have partnered with iCondom with the ambition to make it easier for more people around the world to source condoms and reduce the transmission of HIV and STIs.'
Morgane Danielou, the founder of iCondom added, 'MTV can help us reach out to young people using iPhones around the globe to create a comprehensive condom distribution map. We have a large task ahead of us, but being able to provide this information will ensure that fewer and fewer people will be put at risk.'
Besides its basic functions, we've been informed a percentage of the money raised will be put towards Staying ALive Foundation grants. These grants are given to young people who work to prevent the spread of HIV in their communities.
Although where AIDS is most prominent in the world the iPhone is unlikely to be a common sighting, any effort to help people stay protected is worthy of praise.
iCondom - your condom dispenser locator! is available on the App Store as a free, advert-supported download.
Be careful not to download iCondo instead. It's probably a very useful app but its aim isn't quite the same.

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