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A debate about AIDS and "House of Numbers" via


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This thread is inspired by an EXCELLENT documentary from a couple years back called "House of Numbers". In it, the filmmakers basically set out to discover the origin of AIDS, it's relationship to HIV, the conditions which cause it, and the conditions which define it. What they ended up with was a very interesting story indeed.
It seems that the official meme that "HIV = AIDS = Death" has many problems, not the least of which are;
a) AIDS itself is not a disease or virus but is diagnosed through what amounts to a checklist of various symptoms which are easily attributed to other known diseases like TB, and also could be caused by malnutrition.
b) The causal link between HIV and AIDS has never truly been scientifically established, and in fact, the existence of the HIV virus itself is in question, when it's only been isolated and photographed twice, and both studies were inconclusive.
c) The HIV test does not seek to identify the virus itself, but only a certain type of antibody. This type of testing is not uncommon in the medical world, as it's easier and cheaper to identify the antibodies, but it's use is only valid if the virus itself has been fully understood and isolated. It it also problematic in the area of false-positives, for example; pregnant women produce these antibodies naturally (I wonder how many of the African women diagnosed were pregnant?)
d)The statistics of the world-wide AIDS and HIV numbers have been manipulated, obfuscated and confused (hence the film title) to such an extant that they do not accurately portray the reality of the situation.
e) The AZT treatments are highly toxic, severely inhibit DNA replication in the body, and in the end kill more people than the ailment they are supposed to combat.

There are many more important points but in the interest of brevity I would suggest you ask specific questions or watch the film, read the articles, etc.

I don't know what the original agenda was behind the film's creation, but to me it seems they gave everyone a fair shot at telling their side of the story. This includes Nobel Laureates, journalists, those living with the "syndrome" (AIDS) and the virus (HIV), scientists who are pro the official meme and dissenters of the official meme, but in the end this "House of Numbers" appears to crumble before our eyes. 

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