Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dead 5 months to the day that Brandon Lacy Campos begins taking Gilead's new "Complera

by: Jamal A Tullock
This was nothing less than a crime. I don't know the man. I knew nothing of him until his death was announced. To this day, they pretend not to know his cause of death. But that he was somehow labeled an "HIV" activist led me to assume he must have died from ARV's. The worst part was learning that, in his own words, he was not taking them for the entire 10 years of his alleged "positive" diagnosis. 

An HIV Nonprogressor Starts Meds; or HIV Sucks

By Brandon Lacy Campos
From TheBody.com

And here he dies 5 months to the day that he begins taking Gilead's new "Complera" (which began 6/9/2012; he died 11/9/2012)

What is especially cruel is that his doctor labelled him an undetectable "nonprogressor." The former means, he was a person in whom they admittedly detected no virus (and of course we know why). The latter meant that he was plain healthy - his health did not "progress"
 into a degenerative state associated with a virus they could not detect (if you can appreciate the reverse psychology).

And what makes Dr. Steve Dillon (of Gotham Hospital) especially detestable is that he used this ir-rationale as the basis to convince this person to take HAART. He said, in a nutshell, 'you're healthy and we can't detect a deadly virus in you, so you should take Highly Toxic and lethal ARV's and they formulated one especially for people like you, so you could get treatment, too!' Really, it was just the same stuff they have been giving people they claim are HIV+ as ART (ha-ha) and to people they claim are HIV- as PrEP.

So, despite his own protests (which you can see it in his own words), he takes the poison. He goes from an over-achieving advocate for whatever he believed was right to a person who could hardly function. He even managed to offer his services to survivors of Sandy a few days before his own unforeseen (but not unforeseeable) demise.

My heart goes out to his family and to all of the families and friends of people who suffer the brunt of this cruel joke. I'm not laughing.

How do I know his death was Complera-related and not the result of a falling tree? Gilead has published a number of press releases and other documents concerning the nature of Complera. To him, there were no fatal side-effects (as of now, you can see this in his own words - I've downloaded and backed up copies in case they change the story). Of course, they kind of knew it was fatal but since Complera is 3 old ARV's in one pill, they claimed it was somehow not fatal at the time. Now, you can find documents (after his death, presumably) emphasizing the dangers of Complera


  1. You have no clue as to what the cause pf his death was. I am his father and I do not one bit appreciate the assumptions you have made concerning his death. My suggestion is to keep you opinions to yourself unless you have undisputable first hand knowledge.

  2. You know nothing of his death and clearly even less about who he was or his life. Claiming to know his cause of death is disgusting. Rather than buttressing your point, you have proven yourself to be someone who is seeking fame and attention rather than the truth. When his father told you that your assumptions are incorrect, you should have immediately removed this page. We are now 3+ months later and your lies remain. Why someone would risk a lawsuit over this is beyond me, though I certainly understand why someone would want to attach themselves to Brandon as he truly was an incredible soul. You should be ashamed.