Saturday, December 15, 2012

Remove industry bias from clinical trials before it's too late

Here's an article from several researchers at the Univ. of New South Wales and the Univ. of Sydney, debunking self-serving GlobalBigPharma-funded clinical trials of all kinds of drugs:

They use Tamiflu as an example--the worthless "flu" palliative peddled by our friends at Gilead Sciences, the biggest purveyors of the toxic "HIV-ARV" chemo. 
Gildead's Gilead’s CEO Martin Joins “$50 Million 
And speaking of Gilead Sciences, I am eagerly awaiting Gilead's 2012 annual report, to place a dollar-value on Gilead CEO John C. Martin's iatrogenic illness-producing greed. Here is a HAART-warming web page displaying the warfare inside the HIV-AIDS Drug Industrial Complex, in which the federal tax dollar-sucking AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) of Los Angeles attacks Martin, one of the ten highest paid CEO's in America, according to Forbes. 

Apparently Martin's pay-package is so high that it affects the AHF pharmacies' bottom line. AHF seems to be fishing for a lower price for Truvada, Atripla and the other Gilead poison AHF buys from Gilead. Martin and AHF don't seem to think they are getting rich enough on the backs of the vulnerable gay and black millions who have been caught in the $12,000-$14,000/year AIDS Drug death trap.

--Terry Michael

P.S. Unfortunately, if you dig deeper into you'll find that this Aussie effort to think outside the usual peer-reviewed journal box produces little or no skepticism about the SEX=HIV=AIDS=DEATH paradigm. I am trying to sign up to contribute writing at the site, but I suspect academic freedom to think non-knowledge-monopoly thoughts will be no more tolerated Down Under than it is in the U.S., under HIV Czar J. Edgar Fauci.

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