Monday, September 3, 2012

What will DC AIDS office be advising physicians on prescribing "anti-retrovirals" to "HIV negatives" for so-called pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)?

Challenging the District of Columbia AIDS bureaucrats on "pre-exposure prophylaxis", or "PrEP"--feeding toxic "anti-retroviral" chemicals to those who have not even tested "positive" on the so-called "HIV test."

On the opening day, Sunday, July 22, of the XIX International AIDS Conference, Terry Michaels questioned the director of the Washington, DC HIV-AIDS bureaucracy about what his agency will be advising physicians on use of ARV's as a prophylaxis against HIV "infection." It was at the end of a panel in which Dr. Robert Gallo participated.  It was the only venue at the 6-day conference to which Gallo was invited. The conference was funded and tightly controlled by NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci, with a $7 million U.S. NIH grant to the Swiss-based advocacy organization that produced the conference.  Millions more U.S. tax dollars were spent on conference registration fees, airfare, hotels and expenses for the mostly university contractors who benefit from Fauci's HIV research grants.

Terry interviewed Gallo briefly before the panel, and will be putting up an audio YouTube of the (raw, poor quality) digital recording, in which Gallo disparaged Luc Montagnier, but in which Gallo also had few kind words to say about PrEP.  It is not at all surprising that you can't find an AIDS bureaucrat who will directly challenge Fauci's promotion of Gilead Science drugs for "test-and-treat" and PrEP.  Fauci named Gilead CEO John C. Martin to the NIAID Advisory Council way back in 2000, announced the NIH web page March 21, 2000.

It would be really interesting to know how many of Dr. Tony's family members have Gilead stock.  That should be the job of the NIH's local newspaper, The Washington Post, to find out.  But Dr. Tony seems to control every word that goes into the WaPo about his fiefdom up in Bethesda.

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