Sunday, September 9, 2012

TOP Documentary Stream: "House Of Numbers – Anatomy Of An Epidemic"

"HOUSE OF NUMBERS - Watch Anatomy Of An Epidemic"
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The documentary titled “House of Numbers: Anatomy of an epidemic” follows the expedition of a Canadian filmmaker, Brent Leung down into the slums of South Africa, where he studies the prevalence of AIDS and HIV disease. It tackles many question such as, what is AIDS. What is HIV? Although, a cure may not be in close sight, but is there anything that is being done to slow down the progress of the disease or even get aid to the people in this impoverished region. The disease began flooding the front page of newspapers during the early 80’s and the number of people, who were afflicted with this disease, began escalating by two-folds every second.
Ever since then, AIDS and HIV may have been the talk of the town, but the disease is not understood by the people and there are several ridiculous taboos that shroud the issue. Leung further observes that the health policy in South Africa may have gone off-course and a body that was formed to study and research the disease fails to perform its function now. Millions of dollars were given to the South African authorities every year by the UNAIDS. Bureaucracy and corruption may have caused this epidemic to go out of hand a bit, but the documentary aims to educate the entire world about the scourge of AIDS in South Africa.
The documentary features interviews from some of the most influential people, who play a pivotal role in their respective fields. From political figures to scientists, government officials, activists, survivors and the sufferers; the documentary encompasses the point of views of all. Leung has used a very objective tone and approach in making the issues known that the audiences will find most engaging. He has unraveled the conflicting opinions of people and the measures that are being taken to bring the epidemic under control and enable the people to restore their health and lives back to normal.

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