Friday, September 14, 2012

9 people out of 10 have no idea why they believe in the theories of HIV and AIDS

HIV revelation leads to Dallas woman's murder 
posted by: Cornelius D. Allen

I am learning more everyday was a newbie dissident. My (and others') interaction in this story's comments section has taught me a few things. My goal on commenting on this story was not to persuade existing mainstream believers about the non-existence of HIV. I was targeting those agnostic individuals, if you will.

In all of that, I gained valuable insight into why people believe the mainstream 
hypothesis even in lieu of not knowing WHY they believe it.

I am betting dollars to donuts that 8-9 people out of 10 have no idea why they believe in the HIV/AIDS myth. Ask them how they know HIV allegedly causes AIDS and they won't quote the original studies or for that matter any "scientific evidence" for the mainstream hypothesis/myth.

There were a few people in there that scared me with their "reasoning": they believe that mere consensus makes an idea a fact or that personal experiences makes something real. Their "logic" is not really logic.

In the future, I will have a more disciplined approach to answering the rebuttals before they are stated. I have determined that you have to counter these shoddy ways of thinking when presenting a rather radical thesis that HIV does not exists and therefore can not be the cause of AIDS.

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