Monday, September 3, 2012

Sean Strub, Poz magazine, challenges Julio Montaner,Director of the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, on AIDS "treatment as prevention"

POZ magazine founder Sean Strub, on Julio Montaner and so-called "treatment as prevention," XIX Intnl AIDS Conf., Washington, July 23, 2012. Strub believes in single pathogen theory, but leads against "over use" of chemo "anti-retrovirals," opposing "test-and treat" and "PrEP" or "pre-exposure prophylaxis." Montaner has fed toxic ARV's to Vancouver IV drug users for years--immune suppressive poison to people already pumping poison into their veins. Includes Montaner's weasel word response. Video from Kaiser foundation. (3-second drop-out at point 1:43 into video.)

  • We are not about mandatory anything but testing!
  • Yes, mandatory testing to capture more "postives" and then destroy their health with immediate poisoning with highly toxic chemotherapy. Universal testing is The HIV-AIDS Industry's government's and non-profits' collusion with Gilead Sciences and the other BigPharma producers of the poison.

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