Friday, May 13, 2011

David Crowe and Terry Michaels discuss groundbreaking HIV and AIDS news

In this episode, David and Terry discuss groundbreaking HIV/AIDS news, with a focus on how more and more people are rethinking AIDS – and are being recognized, worldwide, for doing so. For example, Dr. Nancy Turner Banks, a recent guest on Episode 26 of our show, received a gold medal on May 11, 2011 from the Independent Publisher Book Awards.
The award described her latest publication, “AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire,” as “the most progressive health book.”
We also discuss several new “Rethinking AIDS” video documentaries released worldwide.
We finish the podcast by remembering Karri Stokely, a caring and compassionate woman, who had taken AIDS drugs for over 10 years before discovering our work.  We are saddened to lose Karri, yet we are equally empowered to continue our journey rethinking AIDS because of her.
Other news items include:

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