Monday, May 2, 2011

Steve Jobs Suffering From HIV-1, Says WikiLeaks, Diet, alternative therapy.

Steve Jobs the C.E.O of Apple Inc is reported to have HIV+ according to WikiLeaks. In past Steve had bad Health and went on a Medical leave for months which made the Apple Inc Share fall down.
The analysis was conducted in September, 2004. Wiki Leaks also posted some pictures of the Medical file which is said to be of the 53 Years old Steven Paul Jobs.
The two first two constrains of HIV-1 strains seem to be common in the world.
If Steve Jobs did have HIV, it is possible that his pancreatic cancer was a Kaposi’s sarcoma, which are noted to emulate pancreatic cancer in HIV-positive patients. Steve Jobs also follows a diet occasionally recommended to AIDS patients as an alternative therapy.

Wikileaks before publishing any document carefully check their veracity but as a matter of Security some blogwent online to see if he can find any product signed by Steve Jobs.
Above is the picture which makes it more clear that the sign shown above match the same sign done on themedical file.
Still a big props to Steve because he never let any one knew about his bad health and he kept on working and made the best product ever.


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  2. That's cool, post the photos of the docs, but do the man some justice and at least blur out his personal information. Would you enjoy it if your personal information was floating around on some random person's blog?

  3. Dear Friend,I ask you to add an Addendum to this article. If Steve Jobs was really HIV+, he could be under HAART Therapy. The Haart module therapy contains various Protease Inhibitors. Protease are a group of about 170 enzymes most of them produced by the pancreas. Their function is to break proteins in smaller compounds to let these proteins being more useful to the body. By using a Protease Inhibitor, the pancreas starts to overwork. In the HIV literature as orthodox as dissident, are exposed that the most cause of death in HIV+ people in a HAART therapy module is due to pancreatic cancer. So these hypothesis requires more attention and should be evaluated. Vincenzo - Hiv Informa.

  4. KS, a skin cancer, mimics Pancreatic Cancer? Where did that come from? On the other hand, pancreas failure is a noted side effect of many AIDS drugs, especially nucleoside analogs. I still want some verification of this information. It would be remarkably easy to fake. Another anomaly is why his viral load just says "positive"? Usually these tests are described numerically, although it's possible that this page was just a cover sheet and another page contained the numbers. But still, this information is less than totally convincing without some backup.

  5. Vincenzo Paolo Fraddosio
    Today Steve Jobs died of pancreas cancer.
    In 2008 Wikileaks published his diagnose of HIV since 2004 . Official informations about Jobs never confirmed it, and it's said because Apple didn't want negative propaganda due to the launch of iPhones etc...
    Btw it is well known that Protease Inhibitors cause pancreas cancer.... coincidence?

    Protease are a group of 170 enzymes most of them produced by pancreas. These enzymes act in the body by cutting proteins in smaller compounds. Getting a Protease Inhibitor will lead to pancreas overwork and pancreatic cancer. FYI: Cyanide is a Protease Inhibitor.

    WikiLeaks - Steve Jobs has the HIV
    In theese documents WikiLeaks shows us that in 2004 Steve Jobs had a HIV test and it resulted POSITIVE.

    Vincenzo Paolo Fraddosio
    David, we're back to the HIV diagnose criteria which changes from nation to nation... Having a Viral load can mean many different things of course. This is not the first case in which Viral Load has been used as diagnosis method in which is just written Positive instead of a numerical value. Of course i do not agree with this methods at all. You know these data that wikileaks got came from CNN... and if he was gay as you claim it's more possible it was true. The fact is that in the mind of the ppl there's a strong connection between HIV and Gay, so assuming this by saying he was HIV+ this could reflect on ppl's thinking about gay etc... about what media, churches etc... continue saying... and of course on Apple's products.

    Vincenzo Paolo Fraddosio

    Steve Jobs dead at 56, his life ended prematurely by chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer
    Steve Jobs dead at 56, his life ended prematurely by chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer

  6. David Crowe
    According to: the company SxCheck did not exist in 2004, was formed only in 2006. That's not necessarily proof, because often medical documents are printed after the fact, but it's suggestive of something fake, along with the fact that the Viral Load test is reported as "positive", not as a numeric value.