Friday, May 20, 2011

"The Science of Panic", A New HIV and AIDS documentary

The Science of Panic
A documentary by Isabel Otaduy Sömme and PatriziaMonzani, with Arantxa Martinez: 
"Did you know that many HIV positive people are living healthy lives, well without any medication, for many years? We discovered many other things that you probably don't know and you possibly would like to know." 

It is very possible, as facts reveal in this documentary, that in the matter of AIDS is insinuating a colossal fraud. For sure many things are not clear. Dissident scientists are forced to silence and victims of censorship, even the ones who won a Nobel Prize. There are no trusty proves of the relation between HIV and AIDS. The tests give to misunderstandable results. AZT, the first anti-AIDS drug given, has got dark origins and awful side effects. Many people are long-term survivals, without any medication. Many stable sero+ and sero- couples did not contaminate one another. Many babies born from seropositive mothers are negative or become negative. Side effects of actual antiretroviral drugs prescribed against AIDS provoke diseases as serious as the supposed action of the HIV virus.

Is there any economic interest in not finding a cure against AIDS? Almost 30 years of research and millions of dollars invested, converted AIDS in a chronicle disease causing dependency to antiretroviral drugs for thousands of people, with the consequent increasing of benefits for the industry pushing the HIV theory.

Many scientists and dissidents think that AIDS has got a toxic origin, caused by drugs and bad life conditions. In Africa they call AIDS the typical poorness diseases: tuberculosis, fungi, and pneumonia
Peter Duesberg (professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley) claims there is no virological nor epidemiological evidence to back-up the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. Instead, the virus is biochemically inactive and harmless, and AIDS is not behaving as a contagious disease. He says that its origins have to be seen in the psychotropic plague we are experiences since the 70s, as well as in the abuse of any kind of medical drug to avoid side effects of recreational drug, in bad life and other immunodepressing circumstances. 

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