Thursday, May 12, 2011

Researchers Declare Breakthrough on HIV and AIDS Vaccine

In a promising, hope-inducing medical development that could potentially help those with the HIV virus and AIDS, scientists have created a vaccine that lets HIV-infected monkeys ward off the disease for more than a year, according to the Daily Mail.
Oregon National Primate Research Centre researchers, whose study appears in the journal Nature, protected more than half of the infected monkeys, who received the test vaccine, from showing any "signs" of the virus in later tests. Those subjects who didn't receive the vaccine developed the symptoms and indicators associated with a primate version of AIDS. More: Researchers Declare Breakthrough on HIV and AIDS Vaccine

Breakthrough? Go to and educate yourself about this alleged "breakthrough". Over 95 previous "breakthroughs" in the last 30 years were miserable failures while wasting billions of dollars causing delays resulting in the deaths of millions around the world. Get to this website and print a retraction.

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