Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Karri Stokely

David Syner, Karri and Joe Stokely, Robert Scott Bell

How lucky was I to meet and befriend Karri Stokely. When I learned on Thursday, April 28, 2011, of Karri's passing two days before, the only image that came into my head wasn't sadness at first, but that HUGE warm smile that always greeted you no matter the date, the time or the subject

I remember meeting her for the first time in Jacksonville, Florida, at a screening of "House of Numbers." This wave of a presence came at me. Not in an aggressive manner but an inviting one. I didn't always see eye-to-eye on all the issues Karri was passionate about, which actually strengthened that first meeting. We "agreed to disagree." 

I got to spend a bit more time with her in Palm Beach, as our friendship became more casual in nature, at another screening. It was a privilege to witness the devotion and caring she shared with her partner and husband, Joe.

My heartfelt thoughts go to out to Joe and their family.

How has this affected me?  Shock, sadness, despair, fear, suspicious, 
robbed, angry, outraged, collective, reflective, triumphant!I am an overcomer!
I will tell my story.
I will not go quietly.
Karri Stokely
Hosea 4:6
To celebrate her life, a memorial service will be held on
Saturday May 7 at 10:00am at:
Calvary Chapel Lakeland
1041 N Davis Ave
Lakeland, FL 33805


  1. Does HIV really kill people or is it the drugs they prescribe to you for HIV? (THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO KARRI, the drugs killed her) Do you believe everything you see on the news?

    When will the HIV=AIDS dogma come to an end? Are the only people that care about it think they have it or are related to someone that thinks so? or they have a job that is funded by having that dogma? Do you really KNOW what you KNOW?

    Karri was slowly poisoned with HIV drugs. The drugs are what made her immune deficient, let me repeat, it was not a virus! I need her close friends to understand and get the word out!

  2. I am just very new to the other side of AIDS. Tonight i watched Karris videos. i was moved. She makes so much sense, as does it all. Then i realised something had happened....Had she died?? I thought Karri would have a fairy tale life.... die from Aids at 93, as she joked.... but, that was not the case...
    I was left confused, and my doubts and beliefs of the 30 year HIV campaign came up again..... virus??? it does exist??
    Thank you Joe, for saying it again so simply.
    Your wife was poisoned. her natural immune system destroyed... so it is still Aids?? correct? but, most likely caused through western medicine programes....
    I am very sorry for you all.
    I hope the poisoning will soon stop, and further research and alternative programes prevail..
    free discussion at the very least

  3. Yes, I prefer to think of it the way you said it, poisoned with drugs that destroyed her immune system. Calling it "AIDS" assumes I attribute her death to a virus in her body that destroyed her health. To sum it up, you cannot heal a body with poison and that is when they broke the Hippocratic oath, "First, do not harm" It should be no surprise to us that todays medicine was the dangerous occultic medicine of years gone by and it has been embraced into our current medical belief system.

  4. Keep it up Joe, one day the world will open up and see the truth,
    2010 I came across houseofnumbers, since then I have been looking around
    to find and understand this HIV\AIDS stories, so far...one lie after another...Today I keep asking myself if Peter Duesberg is a lunatic, crazy why the mainstream media does not give him at least one chance to explain himself to the world? And let the world make their own judgement? the only place I see him was on RT-TV! But abc cancelled He's appearance on GMA why? Anyway people are waking-up this HIV\AIDS story is changing soon...

    1. So your telling peoploe taken meds will kill you? and we sould stop taken?