Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Magic Johnson: 20 Years of Living With HIV - Newsweek

...his doctors battled the killer that had infected him. Dr. David Ho had begun experimenting with a promising new weapon: a cocktail of antiretroviral medications that seemed to keep HIV in check and prevent patients from developing full-blown AIDS. 
Magic Johnson’s H.I.V. Disclosure
And so, in 1994—about a year and a half before the new drug regimen was introduced to the general public—Ho put Johnson on it. “Since we pioneered that therapy, we were able to include Mr. Johnson early, and it made a major difference in his health and overall being,” says Ho from his offices at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York. “In the beginning there were many pills he had to take several times a day. That’s changed a great deal now, so he doesn’t take but a few, and with fewer side effects.” Johnson’s drug regimen includes the pharmaceuticals Trizivir and Kaletra...

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